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  1. Latest WICT ingame footage by me. Combined CDF-USMC forces attempt to retake Elektrozavodsk after the city was captured by Chernarussian Red Army. d3g62JlyIGI Enjoy! I hope this footage will attract more to come and play this mod.
  2. ArmAIIholic .. Where have you been!? By the way. Welcome back! :D
  3. Neither side has no base? Did you edited Wict_Scandist? About reinforcement. You have to edit classname in loader.sqf
  4. I think there is none. WICT is easiest sandbox tool to play with. It's support nearly all mods and its fun! I think more people should pay more attention to this mod and ArmAIIholic should be more active. (releasing GUI Version of WICT should bring more attention)
  5. Another AAR with Screenshots (and Startsetting.sqf) Chernarussian Civil War in South Zagoria (alternated setting) The ChDKZ Insurgency in South Zagoria is begin to escalate into regional civil war and draw USA into the conflict in order to help their ally in Chernarus. USMC had landed on the shore of Chernogorsk, Electrozavodsk and Solnichniy before they proceed to the north of the province, to combat the enemy on the frontlines alongside with CDF. The combat is difficult and very dangerous, rebels are fighting in the woods and thick forest of the northern province. CDF and USMC cannot put them down easily. [intelligence][Opposing Force] ChDKZ forces can be divide into two groups. 1st - Chernarussian Red Army Regular army wing of ChDKZ, made out from defectors from CDF and foreign volunteers from Russia. They have secretly received training and equipments from Russia, upgrade and standardized them into a regular army ready to fight in a conventional warfare. Some says that there are Russian Spetsnatz detachments in this army. [-Chernarussian Red Army assemble after finished their training on the Russian-Chernarussian border-] 2nd - ChDKZ Local Army Local army made out from militia and armed civilian. They are capable for guerilla warfare rather than conventional warfare. They will cooperate with the red army who send them supplies, arms and instructors or advisors. [-Local troops at Prigorodki (before USMC arrival)-] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [screenshots from the battle of Staroye] US marines patrolling the woods. Contact! Insurgents on the field! Patrolling the house in the forest. Contact! (again) Peasants armed with hunting rifle! (they are local snipers) Red Army's UAZ. USMC Avenger came to help but.... (Chedaki in forest got them) Red Army soldier close up. We got them running. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chernarussian Civil War Startsettings (ACE only) Features -USMC - CDF vs Chedaki - Red Army. (have 2 versions, with or without USMC) -Both sides has militia at their disposal. (Militia for CDF and Armed civilians for Chedaki) -Spetsnatz and Mi-28 Helicopter for Opfor side if BLUFOR had USMC on their side. (to counter USMC's superiority) Required mods -Rellikki's Chernarussian Red Army troops (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7133)(Don't use replacement!) -Mi-28 (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6595) Download - http://www.mediafire.com/?sucn9uz6pkqc6cc
  6. [screenshots] (After Action Report) [battle of Dolores][Russian Invasion of Sahrani (part of World War 3)] Days after the Russian landings on Northern coast of Sahrani. Russian forces have captured Corazol and Ortego. And now ... They are proceeding toward the town of Dolores. Following the fall of Ortego. the NATO forces are on the move toward Dolores, defeat is unacceptable. The Russian army is about to feel the full wrath of combined NATO might. [NATO] -US Army and USMC -British Army -German Bundeswehr -Army of Czech Republic against Russian Army -------------------------- Czech soldiers at the outskirt of Dolores. Proceed to the town! (on the left: Russian pilots bail out from their Mi-28 Havoc after been shot down) American soldiers provide covering fire while they are securing the bridge. Russian soldiers (by the blue smoke) are open fire upon us! Long range attack from Russian BMP. After a series of rocket and missile attacks. Our tank and humvee at the bridge is destroyed. Hind spotted! Some Spetsnazs managed to infiltrate another side of the bridge (side that held by NATO) Time to cross the bridge (under the cross fire)
  7. Where have you been!? By the way ... Welcome back! :D I've a best moment in WICT! .... US Army-USMC-BAF-Bundeswehr-ACR VS Russia.
  8. ArmAIIholic. How much NumAig should be? From small-scale battle to large-scale battle. What number in NumAig should be? (And your NumAig = 55, What kind of battle is it?)
  9. I've made a trailer for WICT. ArmaIIholic, you can use it. here
  10. I set NumAIG to 110 but why minutes later ... battlefield seems empty? (not dhellfox's map)
  11. To ArmaIIholic ... I've enjoy ArmA2CO so much with your mod. But I got one question. Can you tell me how removeman and removevehicle work? I feel that it's not remove units immediately.
  12. This mod is greatest in my view.it's make me to play ArmA2 than any other FPS games.