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  1. Hi

    iIm not involved in this project anymore but...

    The rules for using sounds files to add a custom language are to include credits for all people involved since the beginning obviously, as you can find them into the addon.

    New files sounds have to respect the same level sounds as others and have to be enough consequent as the others.

    What kind of language would you ad ?

    I'm looking for someone who will be able to continue this project, to improve it and  why not to add more languages

    That have to be done seriously



    1. momo12320


      Alright, so when I commented on the RUG DSAI page, I wanted to take the Arabic sound files and make them into a custom in-game language (As in you can select it from the arsenal rather than using the script) as part of a mod. I could perhaps then change a thing or two. Thank you for your offer and assistance, but it is perhaps too much responsibility for me. I may experiment with what I had initially wanted to do and include as part of a mod while providing credits to all of you guys.

  2. Any plan for future at this point. Sentences are auto diseabled in CBA settings to evoid mixing languages that can be enabled in CBA addon configuration Distopian1 is in charge of the mod now I'm not more involved in Arma from months
  3. Please read first page about CSAT and how to allow them to speak
  4. Updated to v1.6 Changelog: - Added factions configuration for FOW (not japan) and Massi's units - Syntax error corrected in Dsai_loop.sqf (Thanks to Dystopian1) Available on steam Happy new year to all of you
  5. Updated to v1.5 Changelog: - Base classes cleaned for RHS and IFA in CfgFactionClasses to evoid inheritance conflic Thanks to Dystopian1 & Kju Available on steam
  6. Updated to v1.4 Changelog: - Added IFA factions configuration. These factions don't need to be configured by mission designer and units speak automatically in any mission - Bug corrected reload shout Available on steam IFA3 version is obsolete now and will be delete on steam
  7. Priorities have been changed in lastest update, now you can use rug array as previously and it will override factions selections
  8. What version are you using because in v1.2 reload shouts have been highly decreased.
  9. Updated to v1.3 Changelog: - Commands selection ordered as below a/ If Rug_dsai_sides array is used in a gamelogic it overrides all languages set by factions default selection. b/ If a language on a group leader is applied (ex: this setVariable ["RUG_DSAI_LANG", "RUG_DSAIRUS"];) it overrides the language of the group only set by factions default selection. c/ If any languages have been set by gamelogic or on leader group, the default selection faction runs automatically. Thanks to Dystopian1 Also available on steam
  10. We are working on ordering selections 1/ If Rug_dsai_sides array is used in a gamelogic it will override all languages as previously (set by default with factions) 2/ If a language on a group leader is applied (ex: this setVariable ["RUG_DSAI_LANG", "RUG_DSAIRUS"];) it will override the language of the group only (set by default) 3/ If there any languages set by gamelogic or on group leader, the default language faction runs.
  11. Yes I did it too IFA3 as well with they own factions, sides and less languages
  12. Updated v1.2 Changelog: - Fixed the old reload shouts (now sound heard after AI reload weapon for real) - Fixed bug in water where Ai were able to talk underwater if they start in and lost theirs voices when exiting it - Fixed CBA settings to enable or disable sentences in rug dsai addon configuration page in game Thanks to LarsAspra & Leopard20 Also available on steam
  13. Update v1.1 Changelog: - Added language configuration per factions (vanilla, RHS, CUP). These factions don't need to be configured by mission designer and units speak automatically in any mission (exception see note) - Added "Disable sentences" CBA setting in "DSAI" category, checked by default - Optimized much code (init mainly) - Some scheduled code is replaced with unscheduled counterpart Thanks to Dystopian1 for these new features Note: CSAT faction (greek) is not listed in CfgFactionClasses. Use for ex: this setVariable ["RUG_DSAI_LANG", "RUG_DSAIRUS"] on each leader to force language to this model. Also available on steam * Add gamelogic with its init line rug dsai command line like: RUG_DSAI_SIDES = ["RUG_DSAIGER","RUG_DSAIENG","RUG_DSAIENG","RUG_DSAIGER","RUG_DSAIGER"];