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  1. Hy guys, i've been thinking to make a movie from Arma 2 OA, anyone of you know any Free Recording Software in the internet?
  2. Previously i asked how to open hercules rear door but that just animation, now i ask how to stand inside the hercules and add parachute to do a jump from that hercules
  3. SWAT122

    Group naming

    Do i have to use that in all group member or just the leader?
  4. anyone know how to name a group in the editor?
  5. SWAT122

    Are mines completely useless?

    Mines only works for armor, both tracked or wheeled
  6. SWAT122

    carrying wounded soldiers

    so without the ACE2 you can't load the wounded soldier to a vehicle?
  7. Is it possible to carry a wounded soldier to a vehicle?
  8. SWAT122

    hercules cargo door

    thanks ok! : )
  9. Is it possible to open the back cargo door of c130 without scripts in oa?
  10. SWAT122


    Ooh.. do you know how to make several objectives?
  11. What is the different beetween end1,end2,end3,etc?
  12. thanks a lot, i'm try it now! ---------- Post added at 01:32 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:17 AM ---------- i try to open it with PDF reader but it error when i open it using the pdf reader
  13. I mean i can't download the editing tutorial.
  14. SWAT122


    Hy guys, i want to download arma on my pc. but i tried many websites and i still can't download the game. Anyone knows what is the trusted website for this?
  15. why i can't open the Mr. Murray editing tutorial?