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  1. Worked like a charm. I also realized you must create a "@Modtitle" folder, then create another folder inside of that one titled "addons" with the pbo file inside of that, before Six Updater will find it. I just started using mods and the updater yesterday so excuse the mistake. Anyway thanks for the help, great program :D
  2. I'm having trouble getting mods to show up in the mod listings. I make "@" mod folder in my arma 2 ao directory, but when I try to add it to a preset in Six Updater it's not showing up. I've tried restarting and refreshing as well.
  3. rizuhbull

    Need Players For Walkthrough!

    EST. Probably evening. 3-10pm I'm free. I'll pm you
  4. rizuhbull

    Need Players For Walkthrough!

    As soon as I get at least three other players who're in. So far I only have you and a bunch of maybes. Do you have a steam ID? If you know anyone who'd be willing to help out, they're more than welcome.
  5. rizuhbull

    Need Players For Walkthrough!

    The cameraman will also be playing. The more people I get willing to record from their point of view the better.
  6. rizuhbull

    Need Players For Walkthrough!

    What do you mean?
  7. rizuhbull

    Need Players For Walkthrough!

    Great to hear. If doing the vanilla campaign(s) goes well, we could certainly do custom campaigns/missions.
  8. Instead of creating a walkthrough/guide by myself, I've decided to see if anyone in the community would like to join me in this project. Your in-game character and voice will be recorded with details below. What is it?: A Guide/walkthrough/Let's Play(or any other synonym you wanna use) of the Arma 2 campaign(s) for use on Gameanyone.com. This may be Arma 2's, Operation Arrowhead's, British Forces', and/or the PMC's campaign. When is it?: Unknown at this time. What will I need?: A copy of the game, obviously. Teamspeak 3. A decent sounding mic. And the ability to be fairly organized. I'm not looking to run an overly anal group of people, but you need to be able to listen and give commands as well as being respectful. Will any mods be used?: Not likely, but ACE if anything. If you'd like to offer even more support of this venture besides just playing with us, I could certainly use a good host player and additional cameramen. So If you're interested in joining up with a ragtag group for some co-op fun while helping others, post your information below or send me a pm. Questions, comments, & suggestions welcome. Steam- "jayriot_" or "Rizuhbull"
  9. rizuhbull

    The 'Bad' Guys Klan

    I really like the idea. Though I'd strongly suggest the bad guys clan cannot organize beforehand in anyway. They can't plan beforehand, but can only communicate about the game while they're playing it. To make them less organized. You don't want a pvp going on.