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  1. Is there an update for ALIVE, if so how do you update? I tried joining a server and was advised to update but can't figure it out.
  2. Trebor

    Blackop/Swat Units

    I've been having the same problem as Kemba with 'No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ice123_tacvest.selectionFireanim'. Also, 'No entry 'config.bin/CfgFactionClasses/ice123_swat.icon'. The swat icons message appears as soon as i double click to create a unit. I'm assuming that's just the icon at the side of the "swat" name in Blufor, however that tells me there's a problem somewhere. I also got this message 'No entry 'config.bin/CfgWeapons/ice123_tacvest.namesound'. This happens the first time i try to load the map and try to play. This looks like a greta mod so i hope you get round to sorting the issue or atleasst advise on how to. Although i notice the last post was in september so i'm not too hopefull. Thanks for the mod regardless.
  3. Trebor

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Alright guys, I couldn't find a welcoming thread or anything so apologies if this isn't exactly the place for it. As the title says I'm new to ARMA and I haven't played PC games for 12 years so I'm extremely rusty, I did play Operation Flashpoint, Delta Force, Rainbow Six etc back in the day though. I've brought a new PC today and I'm installing ARMA 3 right now, I'm going to go through the tutorial and probably play a couple missions but I would like to get into the multiplayer at some point and I would very much welcome anyone to join me or I join them, show me the ropes as it were. Don't know how adding people works though I assume it's done through Steam. I'm 27 so please only people of a similar age but 18 or over is fine, no offense to you youngsters. Thanks.
  4. Trebor

    Funny & interesting videos

    I think this takes 1st place as The Greatest Speech MTV Cribs goes to Helmand This will make you appreciate your job on nice, lovely ground Edit: Realised i posted same video twice.
  5. Dragon01 - Try ArmA I if you don't have a good computer. It's less advanced, but mods are still plentiful. I agree that BI shouldn't try too hard to appeal to mainstream market, but there are some things that even the vets are complaining about (in some cases, since OFP). Especially the non-gameplay stuff needs an overhaul, the process of customizing certain things is downright arcane. ArmA will, hopefully, never be for "everyone" (unless real military equipment advances to the point VBS will play much like the first Crysis, which isn't as impossible as seems), but it should be because of deep, tactical gameplay, not clunky user interface. Never thought to do that actually but my PC is quite old and i don't think it would play ARMA I either too be honest. I didn't mean "if people don't like the game as it is" as in any problems it has. I just meant that if they don't like how ARMA plays then it's their problem, not the devs. For example, as far as i know ARMA isn't the best game for close quarter battles because it's quite slow and clunky. Which is a big flaw in a military simulator. Those mechanics should be fixed because it's one of the most dangerous parts of battle and you need to be able to operate properly, not because people who play COD and/or other military shooters that may be little better at that will appeal more to them. That should be a bi-product of fixing those problems, not the sole reason. I want to see this game do well, ofcourse. I have to say i was really impressed with BIS for advertising job vacancies on this forum so qualified people who play ARMA can apply for those vacancies. What better way to improve the game. That in itself made me want to invest in ARMA a little more, not because i could apply, i'm not qualified in those fields. But because of the dedication it shows. Kudos to you BIS. KurtG85 - The games co-op mode is in need of tension, atmosphere, adrenaline and that needs to be supported and built around a 'we rely on each other to complete the mission' kind of gameplay where everyone is naturally on edge to spot threats and defend everyone else; at least as soon as the bullets start flying (I hope they have some powerful sound effects that scare the crud out of you). Yes, yes, yes. If i ask a team mate and/or his squad to cover me and/or my squad while we assault a compound etc. I want feel like if they mess up it can result in the end of my and/or my squads game. And we've got to wait until the end. Tension, atmosphere, adrenaline, disappointment in that squad. Which could result in them learning their importance in the game, and give them and me more enjoyment. That is something you learn in army, marine etc trainning. If you don't you get your butt kicked, and if you still haven't learned after that you're out of there, and rightly so.
  6. Hello people of ARMA. I should start by saying that i don't play ARMA at the moment (need new PC). Not sure if that makes me posting here a problem so if someone could let me know then i will leave you all in peace. I originally registered because like an idiot i brought ARMA 2: BAF and PMC version without considering the PC requirements, and yes, i did slap myself. I won't be an inconvenience to the forum by making stupid threads or adding my opinion where it's not needed. That seems like i'm begging to be let in, lol, just want to explain though. If people aren't attracted to this game as it is, then you don't them playing the game or the devs putting their attention to attracting them. I think alot of people would regret that. From what i've seen in videos, ARMA and it's mods appeals to me alot, infact it's the sort of game i've been wanting for a long time but never knew existed, now i do. And as someone who wants to make the transition from console to PC, with ARMA being the main reason for getting a PC that can play games. The last thing i want to see is this game ruined for ARMA players, and myself when i get it. Like someone else said, "the reason games like COD and BF3 are so popular is because anyone can play them". I understand ARMA has it's own problems, but what doesn't, you take the good with the bad right. I hope that has been somewhat helpfull, and i hope to speak to more of you either here or on the virtual battlefield in the near future. Oh and apologies for any grammar mistakes, i'm not great at it.
  7. By upgrade i take it you mean buy a new computer, not worth it just for a game. Oh well, atleast i can spend the money i get back for this on something else now. Thanks anyway.
  8. System Proporties Windows 7 Ultimate Processor: Intel ® Pentium® D CPU 3.20GHz 3.19 GHz Installed memory (RAM): 1.00GB System type: 32-bit Operating System Device Manager Display adapters: NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE DVD/CD-ROM drives: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111D ATA Device I can see my pc doesn't quite meet some of the requirements now. I should have checked before i suppose but too be honest i thought it would be ok. This is kind of the reason i don't play pc games though, too much bs just to play a game. Probably just take the game back if i need to buy something for my pc to get it working right, just not worth it. Thanks anyway though.
  9. Hello all, firstly appologies if i have put this in the wrong thread but i could not find a Help category etc. I have recently brought ARMA 2:Reinforcements and have installed it to my PC. Somethings are ok but the menu (isn't too bad, i can live with it) gameplay and audio is horribly slow, when i pushed the forward button it took about 3 secs until the character moved. The graphics also seem abit messed up but i think i can sort that out. I'm hoping this is an easy problem to fix but i just haven't got a clue what the problem could be. My pc is just a regular one but it seems to have atleast most of the requirments to play the game. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. This is the first ARMA game i've brought and from what i've seen from this and the others, it's a good one.