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  1. I am trying to get the old OFP Tornado script by "AlexeyZ" in Arma 2 OA to work, with success, but not the sound of the moving tornado! No sound with the original script: _sm = _this select 0 #start _sm say "tornado" ~9.2 ?(stop_sm or (_sm distance player >10000)) : exit goto "start" exit I placed a "EmptyHeli" object in intervals to "_sm" and let the "Heli" object saying the sound! This time it repeats the sound 3-4 times but then no sound: _sm = _this select 0 #start H setpos getpos _sm ~0.5 H say "tornado" ~9.5 ?(stop_sm or (_sm distance player >10000)) : exit goto "start" exit I know, I am not the best scripter, but has anyone an idea, what could help! Thanks!
  2. Ah, that answers my question from here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?132360-SCRIPT-How-to-use-it&p=2227406&viewfull=1#post2227406
  3. I have a problem with the command "unit SetCaptive true/false" in OA V1.60! Somehow it does not work, tried it with a trigger and a simple script, both did not help! Are there any other ways to take a unit captive? Thanks!
  4. Xantog

    Satallite image problems

    Hi, I had a similar problem months ago! This thread could also may help: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=119785
  5. My mistake! I continued with my map after a long break and had the source folder of the map for binarizing not on the P:/ but placed it somewhere else! The break was too long, have already forgotten how it all works! Thanks for the hint!
  6. I have the .wrp file in the folder "files copy directly"! Dont know if its wrong or right, but the loading time of my map is extremly different because of that thing! From 20 minutes (.wrp binarized) to 15 seconds (without .wrp binarized) and the map works without problems (at least until now)!
  7. Xantog

    Utha Beach map (final beta)

    Sorry, have it probably overlooked! New files uploaded! Thanks, Bielow!
  8. Xantog

    Utha Beach map (final beta)

    @NacroxNicke Its a good landscape for tank battles! @Bielow Thanks but I will probably make no changes to the map, but if anyone is interested, he may like to make some!
  9. Xantog

    Utha Beach map (final beta)

    I found the last two addons, which cover the "white" bunker with textures and include the door sound! Its now the last upload of a new file! Sorry for that!
  10. Xantog

    Utha Beach map (final beta)

    Hi, Thanks for the criticism, but I like to say a few words about this: First, I'm not a hardcore fan of WWII, it is just an interesting era for me! That's why I'm probably not used historically documented objects correctly everywhere! For me it was important that the map is AI friendly, without too many obstacles such as flooded areas or too many bridges! This was especially important since I've made for ​​this map a comprehensive dynamic campaign! As for the landscape, I agree with you completely right, but I hope that I make them better in the Arma version! All in all, no one is perfect and I do not know a mod that does not have any flaws! Best regards! Xantog
  11. Xantog

    Utha Beach map (final beta)

    Hi, I've forgotten a few more addons! Have a new file uploaded and should work now!
  12. Hi, This program is certainly useful for other map maker, but I personally wanted to create in any case my map with programs that are available for free! I used the procedure as declared above, is a bit more work, but works fine for me! Nevertheless, thanks for the link!
  13. Xantog

    maps under construction:

    Yes, this is my first for the Arma series! I have made already for OFP and IL-2 maps, but I must say, these maps were much easier to make as this one! Btw: Many thanks for your summerplants addon! I will use it for the map! I also wanted to use some types of roads of your Hürtgenwald map, if I may?
  14. Xantog

    maps under construction:

    Working on a (25x25km) Utha sector map, but I think the detailed area will be finaly a bit smaller (15x20km)!
  15. Hi, I made for 6 Years a Utha Beach map (25x25 km) for private use only! It was my first OFP map, its not historical correct and the landscape is made by free hand! Its till now in beta status and I guess, I will never finish it! The addons for this map are also outdated but neverless, the map should work with the last version of "OFP Resistance"! Utha_Sector_Final: http://www.mediafire.com/?4sbejcdg3dkd6s6 Thanks!