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  1. You think I dont support BIS product? :( I do support them and I was only able to get OA Standalone for RM 129..I was lucky enough to get it during offer lol.Well no worry,Probably next month im gonna pre-order ArmA II CO :)
  2. ZacharyHawk

    Do you want Laaagdoll Physics in ArmA 3?

    Man I agree with this! ArmA III should have Ragdoll or maybe BIS make an option to disable Ragdoll in the option menu too Improve Performance :)
  3. Hey guys! Please make addons for ArmA II OA standalone smile.gif Because there to many addons that required ArmA II CO.I dont want to give my reason why and if I tell it,It will got me ban Thanks! :D
  4. ZacharyHawk

    Updates for Arma 2?

    Yeah! I hope that BIS will still make patch for ArmA II after ArmA III release.
  5. ZacharyHawk

    They better have female soldiers...

    If we BIS didnt make Female Soldiers.Who cares lol.We can make it ourself lol and btw I think its impossible to find a women play this game lol
  6. ZacharyHawk

    Advanced Squad Morale System.

    Hmm! I agree! Suppressing Fire always needed lol but not without we have to just use the command like the ArmA II where we can't even choose the target where to suppress at I mean like a bunker or MG
  7. ZacharyHawk

    Realistic Wounds and treatment for ARMA 3

    Wow! thats gonna be hard.Because im not experience with medical stuff lol anyway who cares atleast you get to know or understand it and atleast we can enjoy "BIS" new mil sim."ArmA III"
  8. ZacharyHawk

    Cover system for Arma3?

    Hmm! cover system will make ArmA 3 more realistic !
  9. ZacharyHawk

    AUDIO! Make it right this time!

    I agree with this topic! They need to make better sound : )
  10. ZacharyHawk

    Army SF

    Hi binkowski,May I ask?why I get an error said that a missing texture "Sf_army_coyote.Paa idk i cant remember the error is and Sometime it make my arma CTD.Is this addon required CO?