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  1. Is the way of campaign installation make the game unplayable? Does it affect on the gameplay? Could you write though one feedback about campaign?
  2. Installation: Put files of campaign into the folder "Addons" in the main folder of the game.
  3. Name: Civil War Game version: Combined Ops (1.59 patch, ACE not supported) Type: Singleplayer campaign Game complexity: Average Side: CDF Island: Chernarus Postproduction: Yes (only russian with english subtitles) Postproduction by users of Arma.At.Ua: zapor94, Omonovets, ruslan1414, PIONEER, Andreey Intro/Outro: Yes Scenario by: Andreey, stick Mapmaker: Andreey English translator: stick Testing: stick, Omonovets AddOns: East Weapon Pack, RH HK416 Pack, T-72B/BA pack, BTR-70, Cargo System 0.6 Download: Campaign (v.1.1) Story: Chernorus before USMC arrival. Civil war. North part of Chernorus is a combat zone. Player gets the task to help CDF to capture Berezino. Screens: Installation: Download all necessary addons. Put files of campaign into the folder "Addons" in the main folder of the game. Stick: Sorry for the quality of translation. It's really hard to do it. Especially if you have so much to translate. I hope you will understand me. Wish you a good game. P.S.: Waiting for your comments!