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  1. I love surprises - and so I love Shay_Gman
  2. Well huh if its just a state - It has to be in any faction right? Or wrong? Can the Modmaker just implement it into and empty state and nothing more or less? The Mod maker is poorly inactive :/
  3. Well I added this: As i other Addons from BWMod this faction and vehicleclass actually exists - so I chose it. But well - still won't work :/ I'm thinking to easy here right?
  4. Hey there shay! Is there a way to implementent Empty and Other in 3D Editor? Because I have a UH90 Helicopter Addon but cant place it or use it with EVAC cause I can't choose it - it just appears in Empty withing native arma2 Editor
  5. Is there a way to let vehicles created in DAC have unlimited FUEL? Because I have some long campaigns on the run which are filled with DAC zones - and I dont want to let travelling cars stop cause they dont have any fuel left?
  6. Is it bad to dont add this parameter? Because I'm using MCC - I just will dropt that helicopter empty or with that default mcc crew which is civil to dont get any conflicts with sides I think...
  7. @ Celery thanks! @ metalcraze useless information u giving me there - why just dont answer my question and stop trolling my thread? You ever thought about that I maybe have a reason to turn it off other then just have an easier gameplay?
  8. Its a double post - somebody told me to post it into config scripting and not here - but I suddenly posted it here again :(
  9. which parameter do I need to add exactly? Can I just add it or do I need to look after anything first?
  10. Hey guys! I just downloaded the NH90 Addon Helicopter. I can add it via Editor, Faction Empty / Air. But I want to add it within MCC - via 3D Editor which hasnt any Empty Faction in it. Also I want the EVAC Feature used with the NH90 in MCC. What do I need to change to place the UH90 within another category of units? I want to place it within "Germany" or my custom Unit Place "Bundeswehr" which has been created by BWMod. heres the config - cant find the position which cares about the unit category!
  11. Its not about the logical fact here guys - you can turn off a lot in arma2 - why can't turn off that stuff :/
  12. Hey guys! I just played a coop mission with some friends and we suddenly killed few takistani guerillas while fighting agains the takistan army with them. we got attacked by the takistani guerillas afterwards and they seem to switched to EAST side then - cause they didnt attack the army and the army didnt attacked them. How can I disable that killing allys will change their side?
  13. But will that marker work like in DAC ? The Markers radius keeps waypoints within to share them to the released groups?
  14. [_this, getMarkerPos "RUK_MainTown", 70, 0] Can you explain this to me here? is "RUK_MainTown" the name of a map town or a marker u created? Will ur script create 70 Waypoints - used by the Groups at this location? if yes - how is the radius placed for those waypoints? any parameters given there? Sorry I sometimes need some time to understand arrays with things in it I see the first time