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    ASR AI Skills

    Problem : (Sorry for my english) Yestersday i made a little test and something goes wrong: -I put 2 units in front of various infantry invisible targets -i made with @lea addon (loadout editor) a loadout for the 2 units: 1 with rifle and a rucksack with more ammo and 1 with the same rifle without ammo. Result: the unit with only the rifle do nothing. don't fire (no ammo...), don't go to the other unit to rearm. the unit with the rucksack fire all his ammo and then stop. He don't use his rucksack to rearm. - i tryied with the 2 unit in the same group or alone. Same result - They correctly use vehicles or ammobox to rearm ??????????? it's a ASR AI problem? a LEA problem? An ACE problem? only my Problem?
  2. darko333

    ASR Map Grids

    Aliabad and Hazar Kot!!! Great work! Thanks!
  3. Beta DEC 2012: the first mirror give me: File owner's public traffic exhausted. the second mirror give me a corrupted file. now i'm trying to download again.
  4. Hi,i have the FX DVD version and the same problem with patches.... Please,make updates downloadable from Take On site like other versions!!!! Sorry for my english...
  5. darko333

    Diving Under Water

    Good work! Don't Stop!