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  1. det0x

    Poll about Arma 3 and your opinion!

    I dont want to get anything else than see where most people stand when it comes to this 6 votes.
  2. As said in title a poll about how you think about Arma 3s current position. Its not a hate or "I miss the old arma before dayz people came" thread. Ive played Arma for good 6+ years. I just wonder where people stand on their opinions in this game now that is a new year!
  3. Great tutorial. Thanks Mondkalb!:)
  4. GET RID OF BATTLEEYE! Use VAC or something better. + More civilian vehicles + More Civilian People + More wildlife animals + Better Weather system + Able to add roads in the editor / Buildings. + More boats + More Non-lethal weapons for arresting/interrogation an enemy soldier. ++++