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  1. A fantastic guy helped me with this, is this by any chance correct?: Plant_charge.sqf: Remove_charge.sqf:
  2. Well, when using the addaction there is no real satchel. But i need an opfor only addaction that resets the "Plant Charge" addaction so the Blufor side has to plant the charge again, but I think this is eventhandlers. I also need the "Plant Charge" action to be Blufor restricted, I believe this wouldn't be too hard for an experienced scripter, which im obviously not. If possible it would be cool if an item (Which is the explosive charge) could spawn when its planted and dissapear if defused.
  3. I tried the Addaction solution, seemed more neat. So, in the Init of an ammo box i put this code: if (isServer) then { this addAction ["Plant Charge", "plant_charge.sqf"]; }; And then in "Plant_charge.sqf" I put this code: My problem now is that I do not want it to be able to do this action for everybody, only Blufor, and I want it to be able for Opfor to defuse this charge, and if they fail to do so within 1 minute, the ammo crate will blow up.
  4. So, as stated in the title, I want to remove the touch off action for satchel charges for an unit. But I still want the unit to be able to set the 40 seconds timer. My TvT mission idea is sort of based on Battlefield 3's Rush mode, where one side is trying to destroy M-COM stations (In this case, ammo crates) while the other side is trying to defend those ammo crates. One side, in this case Blufor, is supposed to set a timed charge, and if the charge is planted opfor will have the possibility to defuse this charge. The opfor defusing feature can easily be done in arma 3 by giving opfor tool boxes. If possible, I also want a hint to indicate that Blufor have set a charge, and that Opfor have defused a charge. So, to sum this up: - Remove touchoff action on explosive charges and only have the 40 second timer action, or create an addaction that will plant an explosive that will be set on a 40 second timer. - Hint to indicate when a satchel charge is on the ground next to the ammo crate, when the charge is planted, and when the charge is defused by Opfor.
  5. Does anybody know how to use the new Zone Restriction module? Appearently this one and the one for arma 2 doesn't work the same way, so I can't simply UnPBO a mission from arma 2 using it nor can i download an arma 2 template of how to use it. Alternative suggestions to restrict an area is also very much welcome. I have tried using some triggers too using information from this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148362-Zone-restriction&p=2323255 But using that information I came to the point where whether or not if i left the trigger area after the warning, I would still die after the "sleep" was over. Code used: hint "You are leaving the combat area. Deserters will be shot!"; sleep 5; if (!(player in thislist)) then {player setDamage 1}; And how do I get a hint to only appear for one specific unit? Not sure if this thread belonged in this forum section or in the "Troubleshooting" section, please move it if posted in the wrong section :) ---------- Post added at 01:58 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:32 AM ---------- I also came across a new problem, I wan't to either: 1) Disable the touchoff action for explosive charges. 2) Create an addaction where you "plant" a bomb and after 40 seconds or so an explosion will appear. But the Opfor has to have the opportunity do disable this timer and reseting the addaction for blufor.
  6. The Danish Military Advisor mod for Arma 3 has a C8, most likely the SFW version. You could have a little chat with whoever made it ;)
  7. I approve this :) Not a huge fan of the futuristic setting, i prefer a more present day setting.
  8. I can run ArmA2:CO high/very high, even though my laptop can get a little too hot at times. PC: ASUS N73S notebook/laptop Windows 7 Intel I5-2410M, 2.3GHz Nvidia GT540M HDD: 640 GB RAM: 4 GB Direct X11 Can i run ArmA 3?
  9. Addetter

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Is there a way to make a script, to simulate AI melee fighting. For instance, take the zombies in several mods/scripts, which is AI, where they hit you with their hands. Would that be possible except with the buttstock and/or bayonet? For me a big part of the pacific theater is the banzai charges of the Imperial Japanese forces, and i really hope this can be done.
  10. Addetter

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Hello, will Burme (Kohima Ridge) be suited as a training map? Will it have roads? Will it have some flat areas?
  11. What happened to the flame effect? Whenever i use flamethrowers theres no visible flame even. Humen doesnt ignite and start to run like they used to do before. Is it susposed to be this way or is it a graphic card problem?
  12. SGT. SAVAGE, may i please help you and the rest of the UNSUNG crew by making missions?
  13. Hello, when this comes out im gonna make a MP campaign. But focusing on what unit? I want the unit to be a grunt or specialized one (7th CAV, 18th EB, 23rd ID, 173rd AD, 101st AD). Yes, Army, not USMC. Does anybody know about a Regiment or more specific Batallion in an Army regular (USMC if you have a good suggestion) This Regiment/Batallion must have taken place in numerous battles/opeeations. ---------- Post added at 01:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:39 AM ---------- *Operations. Please say which :) Sorry for double
  14. Addetter

    Iron Front Sub Forums

    Units/Clans section please :) Aswell as a mission request one?
  15. The 12th Panzer Division is a Laid back tactical Realism Unit for Iron Front: Liberation 1944. We in no way support Nazi's or their beliefs, we are a virtual re-enactment group. We use historical pictures, as well as insignias and icons, including the Swastika, Nazi Flag, and Iron Cross. We in no way are apart of a racist group, or "neo-nazis". We hope that you can understand this, we do not intend to offend anyone. All use is for historical purposes. The 12th Panzer Division was started on May 23rd, 2012 by Feldwebel Thibeau and Oberleutnant Brogie. We are a laid back Realism Unit for Iron Front, and love playing Iron Front as a mature tactical group. We include all fundamentals of the actual 12th Panzer Division, such as Aviation (4th Luftflotte), Armor (1st Panzerwuffe), and Infantry (Panzer-Grenadier Regiment 5), as well as proper German Heer ranks. We welcome any people into our Teamspeak, and even have a special Gruppen dedicated to Europeans. If you are another Unit, stop by on our forums and drop your Unit Information in the Unit Information Section. If you wish to play a game with us, our server is almost always up, just filter 12th Panzer Division. Looking forward to anyone to come and check us out. Here is our Unit Roster Panzer-Grenadier Regiment 5 1st Kompanie 1st Zug Platoon Lieutenant/Zug Leutnant - Platoon Sergeant/Zug Feldwebel - Feldwebel Thibeau Radioman/Funker - Medic/Artz - 1st Squad NCO/1st Gruppen Leader - Unteroffizier Moore Automatic-Rifleman/MP44 Schütze - Obersoldaten Hoffman Rifleman/Schütze - Obersoldaten Jörgen Rifleman/Schütze - Soldaten Fischer Rifleman/Schütze - Soldaten Pernovich Rifleman/Schütze - Obersoldaten Mullins Rifleman/Schütze - Soldaten Kloves Platoon Trainees/Training Zug Rifleman/Schütze - Soldaten Ferguson Rifleman/Schütze - Soldaten Klebitz Rifleman/Schütze - Soldaten Osvald Rifleman/Schütze - Rifleman/Schütze - Rifleman/Schütze - Rifleman/Schütze - 1st Panzerwaffe 1st Battalion Tank Commander/PanzerbesatzungFührer - Oberleutnant Brogie Tank Driver/PanzerbesatzungFahrer - Soldaten Patric Tank Gunner/PanzerbesatzungKanonier - Soldaten Thomas Tank Loader/PanzerbesatzungLader - Tank Commander/PanzerbesatzungFührer - Unteroffizier Lindsey Tank Driver/PanzerbesatzungFahrer - Soldaten Braaten Tank Gunner/PanzerbesatzungKanonier - Soldaten Spurrier Tank Loader/PanzerbesatzungLader - 4th Luftflotte 1st Schwarmstab Flight Commander/Flugkommandant - Leutnant Green Tail Gunner/Heckschütze - Flieger Kadett Whiteman Flight Commander/Flugkommandant - Flieger Kadett Henry Tail Gunner/Heckschütze - Flieger Kadett Stecklein Website: http://12thpanzer.comze.com * *Teamspeak:* - Obersoldat Baker PS: Found no other thread on the BIS Forums to leave this thread, so administrators, please move it if I placed it wrong.