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    I keep getting stuck while I try to carry the C.I.A. agent in the friend in need mission is someone else having the same problem please help!
  2. kalel

    COWarMod Release

    Hand signals Somebody please tell me how to switch it off it is pointless in the game apart from looking cool and gets me killed please can we take it out and it is a retarded feature in my opinion!
  3. kalel

    A2WarMod Release

    Extended_EventHandlers file is missing from addons folder
  4. kalel

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    Fictional Tank that is a Merkava MkIV not fictional, Fictional weapons I'm guessing you're talking about the assault rifles well in the pics I see a FN FS2000 and M14 with a EBR stock and a regular grey-ish M14 none fictional so far Helicopter however is real but has been discontinued as a weapons program by the U.S. military it is however called The Commanche.