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  1. I noticed this mod wasn't on Play withSIX yet for download. :(
  2. @bTm Go into WICT_data/load/loader.sqf and delete this
  3. No problem, happy to help. It would be very cool if upsmon's fortify script, ultimate spawn, and WICT had easier integration so the bases are a really tough nut to crack. There's always 8.0!
  4. Both 2 and 3 worked. To note, I'm using WICT 7.0d I'm using ACE CDF vs Russia start settings. I went through the CDF units and noticed a few mistakes. Corrected them, and it worked. Here is the corrected CDF unit pool I'm using now. Also noticed this under the Russian units That should be an "e" right? Not sure how important this is.
  5. I'm really loving this tool, thanks ArmAIIholic. Anyways I'm working on a mission, CDF vs Russia with the player as Russia. I'm running ACE and using a combination of murk's spawn and upsmon for the defensive forces guarding the bases and it's working great. But I've got a few problems. I'm running the latest version everything. First, is the CDF vs. Russia startsettings. All the other ones I've tried have worked but not the CDF vs Russia one. I've tried switching all the Blufor units in the startsettings and it works, so there has to be some misplaced quotation marks or something for the CDF units. Has anyone gotten this to work? Second, since the player is Opfor, can I just switch the displayed capture message so it's correct or do I have to do more than that? Third, I need a good script to clear units at a certain distance from the player to save performance. The spawned defensive forces need to disappear when the player leaves the area. I figure this would be a good place to ask since the people here have experience with dynamic environments. Thanks in advance. :D