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  1. Honestly all I can think of after watching this... Looks like something from 1910's
  2. EDIT: I don't seem to be able to read these days NVM
  3. Might as well add North Koreans?
  4. The lizard camouflage is making me drool. I love those camo's Good work.
  5. Kyon

    MGSR Mod

    Probably the best mod I've seen so far. As a fan of Metal Gear Solid... This is just beyond amazing.
  6. Kyon

    Murshun Easy Way Out

    Oh this is just what I need for a mission for my "upcoming unit" Good job. Are we to expect fulton extract too?
  7. I'm simply giving small criticism regarding the "realism" part. They have two texts on their vests one in roman letters (romanji) "Police" and then below in kanji " 警察åº" Simply in my point of view it just looks... "Hideous" but if that how you want it to look I wont say more. Its your mod after all.
  8. Those Police (National Police Agency) units with keisatsu written on vest... I will just say change it to "Police" so it doesn't look hideous. It should just be Police not keisatsu, if that unit is supposed to be a "SWAT" unit, in Japan they have their own called "Special Assault Team" Other than that. It looks amazing. Wish you the best. Damn wish someone opened up a Japanese unit with those.
  9. TAC Vests seem to be working on 1.54 so that might be the alternative.
  10. That could be so, but Killoch only got vanilla content retexture which I'm really bored off personally never was a fan of A3 vanilla. Hope Teriyaki returns soon.
  11. Kyon

    NLD Units

    Good job. You should try playing around with the AR15 MLOD's that Toadie released here to create the Dutch C7.
  12. Well it gave me an another idea of an fleeing HVT in a sports car that you have to capture. Fun. I will try this out
  13. Sort of... Old topic but I have a question. Possible to make the trailer "Detachable"?