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    Bad Demo

    So I just downloaded the demo and it actually convinced me to not buy the game. Just thought I should share my thoughts, if anyone cared. The Demo opened with two cut-scenes that basically explained the same thing twice:There are zombies, also you kill them. Apparently it took a fake news reel, two kinds of terrible accents (hill-billy and mexican) and a power-point lecture to explain one of the most simple concepts in gaming. Once I finally got to the gameplay part, I was surprised to find that it mostly consisted of leading zombies to an obnoxious hillbilly farmer and waiting for HER to kill the zombies. I was even more surprised when I got to do this again. After this ordeal of boredom, I felt that I had earned this hill-billy's shotgun, but all I got was a bat. I was a little confused. Was I supposed to beat the Hill-billy to death and THEN steal the shotgun? That didn't seem to work. Neither did swinging the bat through the hill-billy's vacant eyed character model and screaming "Give Me A G**D***** Shotgun!!" into my computer. Now here's the really tragic part. Once my voice wore out and I accepted that my only weapon was going to be a good old Louisville Slugger, I found out that sluggin zombies is kind of fun. And, while watching zombies sail majestically through the air, I found out that the world of this game is actually pretty good looking. It's like if Fallout was rated E, for everyone. Unfortunately, It was all over way too quick. No sooner had I jumped into a sweet looking ride, the demo was over. I didn't know how guns would handle, what kinds of guns would be available, how the car would run down zombies or how it would take jumps, or even if there were any! All I knew was that I spent more time being annoyed by this demo than entertained or educated, and that I now have zero interest in buying the full version even if it's actually good.