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  1. I found one tutorial that provides a good start. It has missing images, but outlines how to set up the Geometry, Fire Geo and Shadow LODs. Mass is in kilograms correct? Still need more info on crew and passenger placement, damage model details, etc.
  2. I have my mesh complete and imported into O2, but where do I learn how to apply all the details such as sitting locations, mass, weights, hitpoints, etc? I see how to add the various LODs(fire, geometery, shadow, etc), but no way to create/add the required parameters to these LODs. Thanks in advance!
  3. Regarding LODs, when doing view LODs for passengers and pilots/drivers, does the LOD have to be derived from the original mesh/LOD 0.00? Or can I build that (and any other LOD) from scratch? Also, can I use LODs that dont match the LOD 0.00 in order to "fake" some mechanics? For example, place invisible wheels or tank tracks on the LOD for ground interactions (make it drive), but use animated legs on the LOD 0.00 and the fire LOD so the legs look to move the unit and the legs would take damage.
  4. I figure all I need is an animation for walking, turning while walking, and turning in place....how hard can that be?! ;) That is a joke of course, i'm willing to take any advice anyone may have.
  5. I'd really like to get info on custom animations for units if it is possible. Edit: I just learndd what .rtm is. Now I need to learn how to rig the models for animations. I saw someghing about continuous, and I think, discreet animations. I hope I can do a frame by frame animation for walking animations.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I saw that we could do pre-defined animations like landing gear extensions, but are you also saying that the Model.cfg can also be used to apply custom animations? I'd really like to see what the process is for building and including custom animations for units.
  7. Any ideas where I can go to get info how to pull it off?
  8. Blender can do animations...but I'm not sure how to port over animations...I assume I have to bake the animation and port it over, but I'm not sure how O2 handles that. If you are not careful PuFu, you'll end up having me attached to your hip. :bounce3:
  9. Is it possible to make a vehicle with legs that are animated for walking...four to be exact (though six would be cool too)? If not, could I make a four legged vehicle and then config it as a "person"?
  10. This is good to know. Perhaps I'll start dabbling in the next week or so. I'm going to need to try with some simple models to see how it works, but I look forward to it. In fact, I'd like to see if I can add a new ordnance to the game. I've been wanting to add Napalm...I modeled a nice napalm ploom in Blender, maybe I can see how to model a simple bomb and then see if i can export the animated explosion into ARMA2.
  11. Good info here, I learned a lot from them...i have a strong idea how iy all works now. My only concern is how applicable the config scripting language for OFP is for ARMA2...can I apply the naming and config values from OFP to ARMA2?
  12. LODs I get, I assume it just creating lower poly versions of the same model (I think Blender has a way to do that procedurally). But I'm not sure what Named Selections and Configs entails. Is Configs refering to states...like normal and wrecks...or gear down and gear up, flaps out, doors open, etc, etc? Then of course, how are configuration changes animated? No one wants to see gear instantly appear out, or disappear for gear up. Thanks for the input...I really appreciate the out reach of aid for what I assume is a constantly re-occurring question.