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  1. Please? Title pretty much expresses my rage and annoyance :confused: Basically, you have to upload your entire Arma 2:CO (15GB) just to setup a server... and when a new patch is out, Windows server users can patch it straight from the patch installer. Linux users have to download it on their Windows machines and then upload 15GB on home DSL via SFTP. Hopefully they do something bout it in Arma 3.
  2. doonbugie

    Merkava... IDF??

    http://www.bistudio.com/images/stories/arma3/screenshots/scr07.jpg Looks like a bare desert environment... with a Merkava. I'm speculating some IDF?
  3. It crashes on Ubuntu aswell.
  4. I told you why, It is full of of stuff I do not want, which is why I do Debian minimal installs.
  5. You asked me why, I told you why. Im minimalistic. I have problems with the current linux beta because it is borked-how is it my fault you idiot.
  6. Its full of unnessesary shit? Debian is what you want if you're looking for ease of use on a server.
  7. Why would you use Ubuntu for a server.
  8. So... yeah I was playing on my server with 12 others and this guy named J long joined the server, spawned a A10, then once he was called out he somehow hacked a shitton of fog onto the server. How do I stop this? I banned his GUID and his IP geolocates to Kuwait which is strange. IP: 434 GUID: 4bc1d79b2ced39f64d7ff2a85a5a5217 ------- Player #9 J Long (4bc1d79b2ced39f64d7ff2a85a5a5217) has been kicked by BattlEye: Banned FYI mods are disallowed...
  9. doonbugie

    ARMA 3, E3 Coverage (reveals)

    The take on helicopters guy is cool.
  10. doonbugie

    ARMA 3, E3 Coverage (reveals)

    Yeah! CGI go!
  11. doonbugie

    Windows 7 & A2 CO

    If you want to upgrade you will have to get 32Bit Windows 7, you need a clean install for 64bit.
  12. doonbugie

    Gossamer's Warfare --- Variant of Warfare BE

    Just a small suggestion Gossamer, maybe add a upgrade for "Advanced Anti-Tank weaponry". I think this would make it more balanced so not everybody is pulling out a Metis or a Javelin out instantly.
  13. doonbugie

    Are mines completely useless?

    Why would you ever kill 2 :( 2 is my favorite AI.
  14. doonbugie

    E3 - Arma 3?

    Can I somehow record the bcd footage without anybody knowing? Im going to E3 for BF3.
  15. Yeah, Im forced to switch aswell... we had 12 players in our server and it was just getting fun then CRASH.
  16. For the amount I paid for the game, I should atleast have decent support.
  17. What? I don't have a problem Im suggesting tactics to OP. I have no clue what you're talking about as Im not OP.
  18. This part doesent confuse me :p
  19. I play all my games, CS 1.6, Half Life series, Gmod, DoD, Arma, Arma 2 CO, men of war, and many many more. Each game is fun-I dont care if its not realistic because Im not a retard.
  20. My problem is, why is BIS not fixing this. If it was Valve it would be fixed within a week!
  21. Because nobody likes mercenaries.
  22. You can edit this stuff in the mission editor, send in a squad of infantry to clear AT threats and then move your armor in to challange their armor.
  23. GossamerSolid appearently sent some.
  24. doonbugie

    rocket launcher bug in Operation Flashpoint

    I doubt that would protect against a dpg-7v though.