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  1. very good detailed textures, i would love to see them in arma 3 but in the meanwhile i think i'll try to make a mission for CO with them.
  2. heroes maker

    NATO Special Operations Command [BETA]

    the US soldier in the middle ... is that OMNIPAT camo ? or some multicam pixel ?
  3. heroes maker

    Russian Raven PMC

    from what i look in the pictures, there's surpat, and that new russian digital camo, i don't know the name but if i remember well some unit on a A2 mod have it
  4. heroes maker

    Arma 3 Alpha Addon request thread

    units in deceptex camo http://www.hyperstealth.com/deceptex/ i don't have any favorite ( i would buy them all if i got enough money ) so you guys can make any of them
  5. heroes maker

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    requesting units with UCP-D camo, i'm not talking about ARPAT but the prototype with some brown on it. thanks
  6. heroes maker

    Takistani Armed Forces 2035 v0.6b

    Vilas made an AK-12 in his last eastern weapon pack, also, ACE added the AEK series, wich can be also found on armaholic. well since takistan has beel left by the american in the arma-verse ( look at the PMC campaign ), i suppose some unit with western weapons would be okay, but only from the 2012 era.
  7. heroes maker

    Russian police [WIP]

    good job, i like the model of the vest
  8. heroes maker


    good job VME team, keep up the good work !
  9. heroes maker

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    oh lawdy that's would be intense
  10. but, i still don't understand what does the number next to the faction mean ( in the menu for example "0 - USMC" ), the only thing i understand is, if the number is high it'll get spawned much more than the other ?
  11. you should ask Xeno or other most knowed multiplayer mission maker, i only know a few thing
  12. hello, i have one question, it was maybe already answered but i didn't get the time to read everything, so here it is does this mission is actually getting a Coop OR PvP version ? thanks
  13. well, it's simple, place a unit on the map set as "playable", for the respawn you have to write this in the description.ext respawn = type; [ 0 = none, 1 = bird, 2 = respawn on the dead body, 3 = respawn at base, 4 = take control of a other playable unit of the same team, 5 = take control of a playable unit of the same side] respawndelay = time in second;
  14. heroes maker

    Better useage of 2 or more monitors

    i have my idea about this, i can see for the permanent map people will call it cheating or unrealistic ( what if in the future, soldiers will have GPS attached on their wrist ? you'll still call this unrealistic ? ) here how it goes : when map is not activated - the player see the leaderboard or a menu showing his caracteristics, everybody know that BIS saids the movement and stamina of the player will depend on it's gears, so how about showing what he wear ( except magazines and other object ) and if they are damage or not, if you prefer, a "body" icon like in SWAT 4 showing the damage received on the armor/helmet/player with colors ( green, yellow, orange and red ). when map is activated - the player actually see the map on the second monitor so what did you guys think ?