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  1. maxton0600

    Questions about free DLC?!?

    I bet on that the vehicles and weapons are not yet ready as they should be. I know that BIS guys are really into making a great game without releasing content that is not worth it unlike a lot of big game companies nowadays. Just wait a few weeks and you will see content coming up not as DLC but regular patches and later even DLCs like in ARMA2 OA.
  2. maxton0600

    in store?

    Only thing I can confirm you is that the retail is not country locked (in EU) but not sure about EU-US but it should be fine as I had used US copy of ARMA1 before. @Optafael007 I would buy disc too if there wasn´t supporter with all its bonuses. Also I remember your nickname somehow from before. Did you played Flashpoint or ARMA1?
  3. It depends on player (Single player) settings or server settings. You can disable almost everything so you can end up having to report everything in chat or voice, marking map and using scopes/ironsight to shoot because there will be no crosshair. AFAIK it is possible to disable some/all of these only to vehicles (maybe even air vehicles only).
  4. maxton0600

    in store?

    Just to add a little detail. The game will have retail version in some countries BUT you will still need to activate it on steam. This means you can install it from DVD but you will still have to play via Steam to keep the game up to date (and prevent duplicates playing).
  5. maxton0600

    CTI with planes and helicopters?

    Ah, yes... I mean that what I said was directed to Bennys edition in ARMA 1/2, that is why I wrote not beign sure about BIS version. I must have forgot to write that I described BE. This function was however even in the old community made MFCTI 1.6 back at Operation Flashpoint Resistance.
  6. I do not blame BIS. They did a great job overall on not just ARMA 3 but all of their games. Sometimes they stumbled and made mistakes or kept same turrets for example but as it is nowadays, things keep changing. My guess would be the game is going to be released as it is and later as regular updates, DLCs or Expansions (like OA) is gonna add new skins or remodify old ones and upgrade engine, UI and the rest.
  7. maxton0600

    CTI with planes and helicopters?

    Not sure about BIS version of CTI/Warfare mission but if you are commander you should have option to assing orders to AI squads where one of the orders is about units it should use to carry out mission you give them. You might however need Command center for that action to unlock. Example Squad 3 Formation Vedge Alert red Mechanized AA squad Guard area (click on map)
  8. maxton0600

    Why no SAM sites?

    It is true there were no SAM sites which was problem mostly in missions like Warfare/CTI but we managed to get along with it using AA vehicles with gunner only or static defence system which in ARMA2 consisted of seat that had attached 2 Stinger/Igla missiles to it.
  9. maxton0600

    How to drop GBU with no laser guidence

    Well either you need to approximate the impact area depending on your speed + height + target distance which is easy if you fly low even at high speed (I can hit car with every 2nd bomb directly flying under 400m and top speed in jet) but it gets a lot tricky at high altitute. If you want to bomb unguided from high altitude and do not have B 52 bomber then all you can do is drop blind bombs or perform dive as shown in image from Kylania. With dive the bomb keeps it speed and descending angle more or less so it is not so hard ho hit with accuracy of 25-50 m2 when flying from cockpit.
  10. maxton0600

    Lase & GBU on Buzzard not locking

    GBUs are laser guided and you need a guy or vehicle with laser marker close enought so the marker can actually paint the target (not sure with distance but in ARMA2 we bombed with 1000+ m marks). About hitting the target once you acquired it is a different story. The accuracy of hitting target depends on your speed (bomb will drop with same speed), height and angle under which you fly. If you fly high above target with 800km/ph and drop the bomb 1km away it is likely that you will miss it since the 1km is shown but not as ground distance but point to point (you can count real distance a s triangle, practice math). You will either have to slow down, drop from farther way or perform a short dive to drop the bomb. Note that laser can be kept as lock on target only on limited distance unlike vehicles (keep as target as long as they are seen.... mostly).
  11. Yes, there should be autopilot at least for maintaining direction and level of flight you are right. To be honest I too use map when new ARMA comes up till I get basic knowledge of map. Still the question here was not for fixed wind plane but helo. :) In addition to that problem depending on you PC performance and for how long has you ARMA been running (including you actions and mission you played) the map can take from 0.1 to 5 secs to appear or go back to game.
  12. I think the point here is that you shouldn´t open the map in jet or helo at all. :D All you need is to know approximate shape of map and some basic landmarks. When you have got that you just need to take off and set waypoint where you want to attack in process. After this all you should need is that waypoint and rought estimation of your area based on map knowledge and landmarks so you can choose direction where to fly.
  13. maxton0600

    VR motion suit

    Yeah, my mistake here. I forgot to mention that if you want to use it for gaming then products like Virtuix Omni + Oculus rift together are recommended. The other option wouldbe above mentioned Omni and Rift without the PrioVR but instead STEM tracking system that is coming to kickstarter the same day ARMA3 releases.
  14. maxton0600

    What is midnight to Bohemia Interactive?

    BIS is established in Czech Republic (Bohemia). That means GTM +1 time zone (London 14:00/2 pm, BIS 15:00/3 pm) If you live in New York then just add 6 hours to your current time and you get BIS time. Alternatively use sthg like this.... http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/pst-to-cet-converter ---------- Post added at 09:00 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:58 AM ---------- If it is going to be released at midnight of London time then it is gonna be between 00-02 in Europe and 6pm - 9pm in US (if I am right), also there would be around 6 or 7 morning in oceania/east Asia. Everyone is winner except Europeans like me who will have to stay up late for it.
  15. maxton0600

    Helicopter Instruments

    It is like PantherAI said. Not all vehicles have same equipment installed. Lets give you example from ARMA2. The UH1 helo at US side. It was old type of helo (Vietnam war afaik) so when you flew it you could see HUD (maybe it had to be there for air vehicle) on top left of screen but it had no radar. That meant you had HUD like other new helos (more modern) but you could not see incoming AAs so unless you looked for them (infantry AA speed was slow enought) or had scout wired to you. If you hadn´t then the few stacks of flares you had were useful only as fireworks once you got shot down.