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  1. will do :) thanks for your reply
  2. hey there Is it possible to edit Nogova island with WRP edit tool? I have it, think version 0.93... (tell me if there is a new version) The island exist as an addon (Noe.pbo) right? Do i have to change that extension file to be able to edit it? Do i have to import the island to WRP edit? and do u guys know a few tutorias? i download the one at OFP Editing Center but i can't extract the files, they are corrupt or something, and i'm having a hard time finding anything trough google plz help? I want to build my version of the Res campaign but i would like to make a few changes on the map, not that big i guess: I'm not asking for anyone to tell me how to do those changes, but just if u like to know here's what im thinking to do: 1 - i want to delete a forest that exists on a plain terrain and in it's place build like a dirt terrain airfield 2 -I also plan to build a Military Base for the Nogova Army, up North on the map. 3 - And i want to delete the airport or airfield on the little island on the right upper corner of the map 4 - And i want to complete a few roads
  3. Larry

    Missions with hundreds of AI

    "if there's too much AIs it becomes duck shoot because AIs are stupid due to low CPU performance" well i still think the AI is pretty good, i get killed so easily, most of the times enemy kills me 50 to 100 meters away even with lots of bushes and vegetation between me and them, which really pisses me off, lol And it's not "duck shoot" kind of mission with just loads of infantry units coming in waves against MG's, no not at all, that's boring, my missions usually are a lot more dynamic then that, besides the basic armored units i have choppers coming and flying away, unloading troops and ejecting paratroopers, then i have airplanes drooping bomb's like if it were napalm, then all the mortar and artillery shell's make lot's of realist effects and nice battle environment, and i don't usually use arty.scripts, in which no artillery gun is present, i actually have various artillery units firing right next to the player "Another suggestion is to delete dead bodies and vehicles wrecks." well i wouldn't want to do that, actually that exact detail is what separates OFP from so many other games, dead bodies and destroyed vehicles everywhere trough the battlefield and missions is one the most realistic effects, i hate when in other games i see dead bodies disappear right in front of me, or just after i turn my back on them.
  4. Larry

    Missions with hundreds of AI

    Hey everyone this is the first time i post in this forum but for years that i have searched and found information for my missions around the hundreds of threads that this great site has! Recently i have been a bit curious to know what other mission makers and players of OFP think about missions with lots of AI! I want to ask that because for me, the bigger the scale of a mission and it's battles, the best! But unfortunately not many missions out there provide that experience. And recently (last few months) i have been working on a few missions to be added into the storyline of a Campaign that i am doing. One of those missions has a little over 200 AI and the last one has a little more then 500 AI. I am not sure if people will think these are insane numbers, or if people think it's not a big deal. (i do get lots of lag with this last mission). I also want to know if anyone thinks it's stupid to have mission with so many AI or if on the other hand it's actually awesome. I also want to say that one problem that i see in the future, if i want to link my missions or campaigns for others to download, is the amount of addons that i use. Usually i use more then 200 addons in a mission... maybe that's going to be complicated for others if they don't have them... plz guys what u think ? :bounce3: