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  1. MedicalAndroid

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    Thank you. May i change and use this VAS in my missions? How you did this system?
  2. MedicalAndroid

    Who's going to make the first domination gamemode?

    Dayz and wasteland destroying arma community. Domi built arma community from 1st arma. this bestPuplicMission ["Ever",100%];
  3. During skripting study, I unpacked missions inspiring me what to look as implement possibilities of a skripting the advanced skripters. It pushed me on a set of new questions, but for a start the most important. - In many missions there are folders: client, server, dialog, sounds, images and common. What did creators place in the common folder? -In a macro here such preprocessors: #define FUNC(funcname) __COMP##_fnc_##funcname #define GVAR(varname) __COMP##_##varname What did the author mean here it?: COMP##!!! and ##varname? http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/PreProcessor_Commands here write that it is changeover part of words. Unfortunately I don't understand this moment, explain please.
  4. MedicalAndroid

    Editor improvement suggestions.

    It turns out, what with 3d the editor it will be possible to place at once units in a certain room in a building without ten scripts and commands?
  5. MedicalAndroid

    Gamespot Reader's Choice, vote for ARMA 3

    Uncharted 3 has 4200+ votes for best graphics. OMG. The lit shit with range of a portrayal of 20 meters hasn't deserved 4200 votes for a graphics. Let Arma it is better away from this kindergarten remains.
  6. MedicalAndroid

    EPIC Warfare x32 CO !Maximum PVP action!!

    On screenshots looks perfectly, tomorrow I will try.
  7. i_client.sqf - line near 34 (Notepad++) My example if (__OAVer) then { GVAR(ace_boxes) = [ ["ACE_RuckBox_West",[7922.76,1960.33,0],331], // position, direction ACE_RuckBox ["ACE_HuntIRBox",[7914.08,1950.88,0],331] // position, direction ACE_HuntIRBox
  8. After OFP and Morrowind it is the extremely unpleasant to me to run along the corridor and to look video which are lost each 2 minutes of game. Now I play Arma2 and I wait BF3 and ARMA 3 as in the world of corridors and cinemas are the presents briliant. But in arma 3 will be the editor, therefore Arma3>>> BF3.
  9. 2. i_common.sqf line near 140 (Notepad++) My example [[4835.85,4372.65,0],"Nasal Old City",200], // 3 [[6256.01,4435.96,0],"Industrial Park",200], // 4 [[coords,0],"townname",radius of red spot] For the answer to 1st question it is necessary most to rummage in scripting files and to understand that it becomes in several various files. Stupid question: What is #endif , GVAR , #ifndef , #ifdef ?
  10. MedicalAndroid

    Arma3 - content pack chace Bi-sudio - army packs

    It would be desirable PMC, but with 10 + technics units. BAF and GER also it is quite good.
  11. MedicalAndroid

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    Certainly the purchase! All games from these developers delivered a lot of pleasure and previous deleted only after an exit of the following arma. I do not doubt that arma 3 becomes excellent game.
  12. Has added __ awc (BAF_AssaultPack_special, 1) in a file where changed a weapon set in a box, but the backpack for some reason hasn't appeared in it and game informs on an error.
  13. @CarlGustaffa Thx very much. Has found a place where has touched only in two figures.
  14. Need help. I have made changes in Domi 2.57z ACE OA West, have changed units on BAF, positions of units and services on base in the editor, have changed positions ammobox, radar and other in sqf files, have established positions of cities for the main mission, have changed the bonus technics, have packed back. But at mission loading, even at change of parameters, I begin at midnight, isn't present intro, there is no box with the weapon, don't give out the main and side mission. With what it can be connected? How to change appearance GPS that it was similar on GPS in company PMC-dlc?