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  1. Can anyone please confirm that this is working? Not at my pc for a few days. Great work on a quick fix.
  2. Awesome :) Thank you for quick response.
  3. I can confirm that it only crashes with CBA loaded. It appears only to crash when loading a game saved on altis stratis and the new Apex map. So BI official maps. If you try on vr map or custom maps u can save and load on them. I have loaded my logs in my issue on the link above. Please add to this post if anyone has the same issue.
  4. This was happening for me before last night's update. I was hoping the update would actually fix it. You will see from my bug report On Ace that if you save a mission on the VR map and try to load it works as it should, however any other map it doesn't.
  5. Hi, i have been playing around with Soak's mission WLA (A whole lotta altis ) and found it to be way more imersive used in conjunction with zues and MCC4. My biggest problem is when i'm placing down new squads and switching to them. No mater if i use zues or mcc to take control of them i loose the ability to stay the squad leader so i'm unable to issue commands to members of that squad using the f1 f2 keys ect, instead i need to use the zues mode to command the entire squad. Anyone know how to fix this? thanks!
  6. Hi i hve arma 2 OA and BAF on steam and i use six updater and i CAN get the RTE to work on OA but when i try to save my maps i cant. i cant because RTE Capture cant detect an exe for OA so can anyone explane what i need to do or point me in the right direction [please thank you.