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    Mp -coop 10- forcefields

    Found some bugs. Sometimes one of our players gets unconscious and when we revive him he's still screaming and ~300 seconds later he dies. One time the same player got teleported to the sea, washed ashore, died and respawned in camp. Lost his map, gps etc etc. No way to find new map so had to restart the mission. One time i could not JIP without the server telling me my charcater was dead and that i had to choose a new one. Tried every slot, same thing. Had to restart the mission once more. RPT is getting spammed with "Client: Object 9:0 (type Type_70) not found" and "Duplicate weapon detected for Soldier_TL_PMC No owner No owner No owner No owner" Also "Out of path-planning region for O 1-2-K:2 at 3845.0,4491.3, node type". Unconscious-cam has a bug when it spams the key you held in when you "died". If you try to change cam or watch another person you often crash with a "out of memory, requested 0 bytes".
  2. tommytoad2

    Mp -coop 10- forcefields

    I just find it so hard to avoid the grenade luanchers that seem to be almost everywhere. And since they are so well hidden it makes it even harder to spot them in time. The problem is that we can't find any good way to the objectives without getting shot at by the statics. No good way to go by car since there's statics all over the roads, in the woods the cars just behave as they always do (awful :P), the ATV:s kinda works but they are not very good for logistics. The chopper/s seems to be targeted by everything on the map as soon as you lift off, that includes the "normal" statics. I understand the way it's meant to be a challenge but some of these statics shoots you from 1km+ away. You want a good example? Take a vehicle and go northwest on the small dirt road, when you get to the airport you are under fire from a static MG from the hill behind the city next to the airport. I know we could walk everywhere but that get's really tedious after a while. Especially when you get spotted by some hidden static and he takes you out in an instant. We like it hard but not near impossible. Perhaps there could be a 24 hour respawn time on the statics? Or make them respawn randomly instead of respawning all of them? Or perhaps less statics and more normal patrols/mechanized patrols? Not to complain on your decisions or anything like that, just my feedback. Hard is fun but it's almost near impossible to get any momentum.
  3. tommytoad2

    Mp -coop 10- forcefields

    Oh, ok. Thanks for the clarification. We were wondering last night if we should just give up if they respawn all the time but now when i know there's a limit i'm pumped again. I really like this mission, we have not come very far yet but everyone is having fun. edit: Yeah, i don't think we are gonna deplete their reserves in a week. 500 is a lot for 3-4 players. Is the patrols included in that number? Then it's doable.
  4. tommytoad2

    Mp -coop 10- forcefields

    Yes, you changed all of them but one. The one to the most north. After i removed that one everything works, i just have one small "problem" now. Yesterday when we were playing one of the AI:s just respawned 1 meter from me and got teleported into a static weapon. I don't know if it's meant to be like that? Is the enemy spawning again and mounting the statics? Edit: Having lots of trouble with respawning static-mounts. I don't know if it's meant to be like that? We are 3-4 guys running the mission on it's second day now and all the static mounts are back again. Makes it hard to clean up an area and move on to the next.
  5. tommytoad2

    Mp -coop 10- forcefields

    "21:08:48 Mission 'FORCEFIELDS' contains bad link to a static object. Open it in the editor and save it again." when trying it on a dedicated server :( Edit: More info: Object id 952349a5 (421) not found in slot 105,169 Link cannot be resolved Edit2: Ok, i fixed it. You have a trigger linked to a fuelpump up north. Removed it and now it works.
  6. Anyone have another link to the RC? Bohemias FTP is acting up for me.
  7. I agree with the cockpits, really dirty and the world looks so dark through them. Also the the lines/scratches that all choppers have are really annoying.
  8. tommytoad2

    Disable force feedback?

    Have you tried these? http://www.speedlink.com/?p=3&cat=314&pid=21606&paus=2&act_lang=sw i'm using one of them (latest beta i think) and i can disable force feedback aswell as set intensity.
  9. tommytoad2

    How to use trim ?

    You guys would be suprised how big and powerful the big RC-helis are.
  10. tommytoad2

    User Guide

    The first video is not really new and the second one is from the community preview which is pretty old and outdated in this point of time :)
  11. I have some spare DVD-R Dual Layer with no use, tell me if you would like me to ship the datafiles to you.
  12. I got ejected when trying to use the door as a passenger.
  13. Thanks, but what i meant was that with patch 1 the game works just fine in multiplayer. BEFORE patch 1 it did not :)