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  1. We kinda dropped the development, but you can find a stable and working version links http://www.arma-rp.com/ and http://www.arma-rp.com/index.php? We joined the Life Project to apply our experience and skill to make a better game there, so check it out http://www.lifeprojectrpg.com
  2. Heh, just noticed, my partner changed security questions to a crazy one . I have changed it to the easier one, just type in "answer" The current situation is that RPM is on hiatus untill A3 alpha - we are going to build the game specifically for A3. We had quite useful live run for the mission, which showed us some issues and directions to move in.
  3. Please check the new thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?138895-Crime-Life-Roleplay-Mission
  4. Save system released http://www.arma-rp.com/index.php?topic=97.0 Windows server required. Save system works in real time, saves storage (vehicles, weapons, items), bank account, licences. Does not save the skills, atm. Btw - we have introduced skills: for guns, vehicles, manufacturing etc.
  5. The general idea always was to have rules strictly enforced. That requires 2 things: 1. Regular players who would report violations and alert admins 2. Admins, who either constantly are on the server or can promptly react when it is needed. Getting these factors may take some time and meanwhile there may be certain ammount of random deathmatchers, who we apply strong measures to. Currently we are setting things up, fixing up the bugs and gathering regular players. Reporting rule violators is very welcome.
  6. Mission is now running live, with permanent saving, and some bugs at the cop side. Combined Ops is required, no addons, no beta patch. How to get the mission and run your own server: http://www.arma-rp.com/index.php?topic=69.0 without saving files for now, not ready yet
  7. Now this is an awkward situation, two crime lifes and one is vaguely looking like City Life...
  8. That was the main idea. We felt wrong about this situation, where all we had seen were a couple of private missions and the rest were CLR based clones, all looking the same. Our hopes is to break this sad picture and give anyone, who wants to start his own rp server a modern, flexible framework. Currently we are finishing save system, server can be set to use both permanent save or just for a session. Also there are 2 economic systems - one with complex production system for permanent save and long time game, weeks or months. And much quicker one, with simpler production system for session-long games, like a few hours.
  9. Thanks, zorrobyte. I believe this is some kind of misunderstanding - we use free and public forum engine, with minimum changes.
  10. Emmm... Im sorry, what? The only resemblance i see is a latin alphabet and use of words roleplay and RPG
  11. mir00

    Warfare BE

    Can i lock parameters to run mission so noone will change it during startup? Want to try to make a server with hard coded parameters
  12. Hi there! Right at this moment an army of tireless coders are finishing new awesome roleplay mission, called Crime Life. A criminal RPG mission set in beautiful Chernarus allows you to play different roles and display your awesomeness on many levels. You can pick a role of a peaceful civilian life, manufacture goods, vehicles and ride around in fancy cars; Or become a ruthless criminal, gang up with friends and control towns across the country, fighting cops, rival gangs and ride around in fancy cars; Third would be to server and protect as a noble police officer, shoot bandits and oppress your fellow citizens. Fancy cop cars and choppers with machine guns included; Last but not least - just be a cheap little punk, loitering around with a gun. Crime Life features: Advanced economics - produce resources and build a large variety of vehicles and weapons; Progress saving - everything you have bought, produced, stole and plundered can be saved for future use; Balanced gameplay - avoiding classic cop-civ routine we focus game on bandits fighting other bandits for control over illegal business; Strict and enforced rules - to prevent punks from spoiling the fun. Now the best part Crime Life is an open source mission. Anyone will be able to host his own server, edit and expand mission with new features of choice. This should aid many who are willing to create different roleplay communities in ARMA, hopefully. We are now changing the website, you can get the files here: http://arma-rp.com/downloads/ Mission is unfinished, but playable with minor bugs. It allows permanent save if you know how to set it up on your server machine
  13. Cant find any guide on GUI, in particular - any tips on creating warfare-like weapon and vehicle shop. How do i add all those gun and cars pictures?
  14. Is it possible to add/change map icons? Those markers on a map - flags, vehicle images, specific icons?
  15. The usual way: extract CrimeLife.Chernarus folder to Users\%yourname%\Documents\ArmA 2\mpmissions Launch with creating new multiplayer game.