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  1. I think, with the time the mod takes to be released ... IT WILL BE AWESOME... But the wait is long, a recent beta can be good :D
  2. This is one of the best (if it not the best) missions on arma 2 I ever played ! Thanks for this awesome missions !
  3. Oh , thanks alot XxEnigmAxX , I can have some fun with this while waiting the release !
  4. Much time it takes , better it will be . Do the beta were public ? I didn't see any beta here :(
  5. Oh :( , I forgot this one ! :butbut: . Yes, it could be the 5 may too .
  6. I think the release of the mod will be the May 8 , the end the World War II :bigsmile:
  7. I want to learn how to do custom textures , but I think you don't need textures :(
  8. Did you will make a warfare mission for the mod ? Your mod looks awesome , I can't wait for the release !