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  1. Wow, great help, thank you very much.
  2. Hi everyone ! What I'm trying to do is how to create a marker on the map when any member of my team to be killed in combat. Also how to create an infrared item in the position of the fallen member. Someone can help? thanks...
  3. Hi, I'm just making a new mission and one of my team members is supposed to be a woman. ¿How can I change her voice and face for a woman been in the Description file? I suppose somthing like this: class CfgIdentities { class "Name of the girl" { name = "Name of the girl"; ¿What name? face = "Face of the girl"; ¿What face? glasses = "None"; ...o wathever speaker = "Voice of the girl"; ¿What voice? pitch = 1.1; ¿which one? }; }; It's that possible without download an addon like "Female Soldier" or "Tanya" ?? If anyone can help, please do! Thanks ! Thanks!
  4. bohemi

    [SP] Clear the Road v.1.0

    Smart observation, checked out and the problem it's only here in the post, not in the original script line. Thanks
  5. bohemi

    [SP] Clear the Road v.1.0

    Indeed, once you've taken the tower, you should hold the position until the air traffic controllers come in and make the connection. And the mission will be accomplished successfully. As you can see: task5 = player createsimpletask ["Hold the control tower"]; task5 setsimpletaskdescription ["Prevent enemy units to retake your positions at all costs", "Hold the control tower", "Hold the control tower"]; task5 settaskstate "created"; nul = [objnull, objnull, task5, "created"] execvm "ca\modules\mp\data\scriptcommands\taskhint.sqf"; I really don't know why it does not work with you. I also recommend you to watch out to the instructions from "crossroad"-JSOTC
  6. bohemi

    [SP] Clear the Road v.1.0

    Mission updated with SAVEGAME at camp B and Check Point
  7. A brand new single mission for ARMA 2 CO 1.62. ---------------------------------------------- Version History: 1.0 First Release 1.1 Added Savegame at camp B and Check Point 1.2 Savegame anytime by radio call & Weapons selection in the briefing screen ---------------------------------------------- Overview: Early this morning enemy forces attacked the island of Utes, taking control of the airport, its north and south entrances and the main road that connects with the camps, almost to the north shore of the island. It means the lose of about 90% of the ground, except for the town of Kamenyy where a group of NAPA guerillas are still holding that position... but without the possibility of receiving heavy supplies. The attack was made using light motorised infantry, supported by few armoured units, the most of which have already been destroyed. For that, only medium resistance (with individual weaponry and maybe any armoured wheeled vehicle left) is expected. It is imperative to retake control of the airport and the control tower to receive heavy allied airborne support. Clear the camps, ensure the road to the airport and retake the control tower in UTES. ----------------------------------------------- REQUIRED ADDONS : N O N E ----------------------------------------------- Features: Intro & outro (simple ones, I'm not a cinema director) Weapons selection in the briefing screen. Full voice acting. Not so easy as it's sounds... you might expect some surprises. ------------------------------------------------ Mirror #1: http://depositfiles.com/files/0fcpm7zcw ------------------------------------------------ All feedbacks are wellcome, hope you enjoy. ------------------------------------------------ Created by CrisBal e-mail: crisbal_tenerife@hotmail.com
  8. bohemi


    After all those problems I sincerely congratulate you for the job. Nice fun !
  9. Hi tere ! Need a voice actor speaking english with a russian accent. The lines are... 1->Veryglad to meet you. Well, the latest report on the nearest enemy camp does not seem to be a serious threat. 2->Most of the enemys seems to be drunk or asleep. So follow me now to your initial point. 3->This is it., Remember, our men are waiting for your radio signal to storm the airport... 4->...once you have cleared the road., good luck. Thanks !
  10. HI Mr.Moon ! I can`t download the mod folder in this link http://www.gamefront.com/files/21520486/%40iran.rar It seems to be missing: <<The file you are looking for seems to be missing. Please contact an administrator if you feel this is an error.>> I really want to try your mission and to give you my opinion but...
  11. bohemi

    [SP] Training Camp

    Wow! thanks once more for testing it. You're right, music & sound effects are brand new, keep on working for shaved down some AddOns. Well, the mission will end when you enter the LAV close to the returning point, so you got time enought for congratulations with your teams and so on... About my next mission is called "The capture", don't know if it will be the last one for 1.96 or 1.99 cause I think its time to take an evolution , probably under ARMA III . The future will talk...
  12. bohemi

    [SP] Training Camp

    New mission's download link for those who don't want to wait.