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    M24 Tracer w/ ACE and AMP

    I just cant figure it out because just copy/ pasted some lines. So everything has to run normally. It sounds to me like theres no major problem. Only some tiny spaces but something I dont see. I looked over the config but can not find any extraordinary. But I have also absolutely no clue what scripting looks like. I would be very thankful if anyone could take a look at it and find the mistake.
  2. So, I need to put tracer to the 7.62x51 M24 ammunition! ACE1 dont has any so I took AMPs weapon pack and modified/ copy-paste the M107 tracers to M24. But when I start Arma now, there is an error telling "Size: ´requiredAddons/´ not an array" I click "OK" and on menu screen it says "Size: ´tracerColor/´ not an array". By clicking "OK" Arma crashes. I know there is something wrong with any slashes or brackets. Have absolutely no clue. Please, anybody can give me a hint to fix this. This is the whole script like it is now. Bold text copy/pasted and edited by myself.
  3. 5platterer

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Sad News! Seems like BIS is going the modern way. Connecting to life 2.0! some days ago i wanted to post in the Arma 3 request thread (does it exist?) but didnt do so. So i do it here: Arma 3 needs: -NO Friends List -NO e-Mail connection -NO Facebook connection -NO autpmatic updates/downloads -NO 2nd party corporation I miss the good days just installing a game without registration procedure, patch manually (who isnt smart enough do to so?), and have the ability to do whatever i want with the legal copy of the game i bought. Im not giving up my freedom for "security" reasons.
  4. 5platterer

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Hi all, So, i need Indys M72 LAW but i cant find it anywhere! Can someone upload it or post an actual link to the file, plz? -prob solved! Thx Mr.Burns
  5. 5platterer

    BIS Arma 2 Gunshop script

    hy kylania, thx for ur reply! i just did copy/paste and changed the script name. but it doesnt work either. maybe its easier to get the money not by picking it up but, like my first post, on the moment the unit is reported dead? greetz 5platterer
  6. 5platterer

    BIS Arma 2 Gunshop script

    anyone please! ...im making a zombie scenario in SP. every undead will reward you (me) with a little money so you can buy new and better stuff. to fight a real massive horde of the undead i implemented a respawn system. but after a respawn all init calls are gone. so, please someone can help me? i found some ppl with similar probs but here it is the AI which needs to get the call again after respawn. initialisation like waituntil {alive player}; null=[_unit, 0.2] execvm "dead.sqs"; called from the init.sqf or a trigger wont work for me. or maybe im doing something wrong. the above example is just one answer i found and i worked with it but... like i said: wont work for me. need help! please greetz 5platterer
  7. 5platterer

    BIS Arma 2 Gunshop script

    Thanks for this script -Scorpion- many nice things we can do with this one. But is it possible to get the reward, ...um "globally"? Initializating the "money.sqs" is no prob here, but using respawns deletes this. Can someone give me a hint on how to get the money instantly by deleting a unit without the need to pick it up (which is a really nice feature - no doubt!). this should have no effect on working with respawns. Or maybe it would also be ok if the initialiated "money.sqs" script would be present even after a respawn. greetz 5platterer
  8. 5platterer

    Gore Limb Dismemberment Mod? WIP?

    Hy -HUNTER-, me also noticed that. its ok when a unit gibs, but shooting ~50 units and only 4-5 maybe 6 are gibbing, its not balanced. so, are there any solutions? i really could use that. atm im enjoying "minebackpackexplodetestV2_1" by johnnyboy and sharkattack with help from mando. its really nice, cuz the engineers mine (on its back in stock arma) is now an object with a really nice configuration. so i hope u know what im up to... but its just no fun at all if theyre not gibbing anymore:mad: so any help with that will be appreciated. another prob here: the same mission id like to play with ace-mod. but they removed the engineer, and no other unit got an at-mine packed on its back. i cant imagine some foot-soldier running around with an at-mine on his back in real-life so it will be ok. but how can i get this unit back or will be able to put a mine on another buddys back? hopefully arma2/oa didnt destroyed arma1 in total.