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  1. Yeah I know. I'm running Retail, and yeah I checked the .rpt log and there are no relevant errors. I've been playing Arma 2 since it was released, over the years I've learned that nothing is "as it should be" or 100 % conventional, so the PBO-creator workaround doesn't stress me out, although it would have had me pulling out my hair a few years ago. I guess us Arma 2 players are a special breed of people.
  2. nettrucker and pergor. Just an update: I believe that the problem lies in the fact that my Arma 2 game refuses to create PBOs, therefore I have found a simple solution to the problem, I downloaded a PBO-packer, so now when I want to export an edited mission, I just pack it up into a PBO and copy it to the missions folder. It works like a charm. Thank y'all very much for your help!
  3. Thanks for the advice. I tried without mods, and it still has the problem. Does anyone know where the script/lineofcode is located where it instructs Arma where to save? maybe I could manually rewrite it. hmmmmm.
  4. Howdy folks. I've got a problem: my editor will save to the editor and it's corresponding folder, but will not export to either multi-player or single-player. I've narrowed it down a bit, it's not merely a problem of the mission not appearing in the mission selection screen in-game, but rather, the actual file is not exporting itself out of the user-missions folder and into the multi-player/single-player folders. In summary, when I go into 'mydocuments/arma2' all the folders are blank, except for where the editor saves its progress to. Additional information: OS: Windows 7 64 bit Arma 2 type: All expansion packs with the latest updates. Mods: tons of mods, however this problem is surely unrelated, because it has only arisen months after my most recent mod. Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  5. Hi I have been making an ArmA 2 multiplayer training map and I have an anti tank range where the targets are 'lock-on training tanks', and then I have an M1A1 Abrem platoon guarding the training base... my problem is the AI attacks the training targets, can someone please help me remove this issue? Thanks.:) by the way, using the script ' set this player captive' does not work on the targets.
  6. scw1996

    ArmA 2 PMC Henry Asano bug!!!!

    its bloody annoying
  7. scw1996

    ArmA 2 PMC Henry Asano bug!!!!

    when the problem first happened in the mission where you scare away the protesters... if I revert from there do you think it would fix it?
  8. Hi I recently started playing the PMC campaign and in all the missions there is a massive bug... Henry Asano is always DEAD.. at the start of each mission he is dead on the ground! please help me.:confused:
  9. How do I get the Ambient combat module working in arma 2 using the Lingor map with its Lingor units? thanks in advance.
  10. How do I get the Ambient combat module working in arma 2 using the Lingor map with its Lingor units? thanks in advance.:yay::681:
  11. scw1996

    ArmA2 MAX pre-rendered frames (Nvidia)

    Does anyone here think it it helps performance or makes it worse to have to visibility on full? I have heard mixed things on this......
  12. scw1996

    ArmA2 MAX pre-rendered frames (Nvidia)

    Do you guys notice a differencing in graphics between matching the 3d resolution with the interface resolution or having the 3D resolution on full? and whats the graphical difference with running the resolution in windowed?
  13. scw1996

    ArmA2 MAX pre-rendered frames (Nvidia)

    does anyone know what the 3D resolution does??? I turned it down to match the normal resolution setting and now it runs perfectly! XD
  14. scw1996

    ArmA2 MAX pre-rendered frames (Nvidia)

    Does anyone know of a program that just over clocks the CPU? and is over clocking a CPU bad for it? (i7 quad core 2.93 Ghz) thanks again :D
  15. scw1996

    ArmA2 MAX pre-rendered frames (Nvidia)

    Thanks guys I reallllllyyy appreciate all the helpful fast replies!!!!!!:) I am under the assumption that the slight mouse lag I get does not happen to you guys? do you people have better pc specifications then me? is there anything I should upgrade to make my arma 2 more perfect?