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  1. When playing on my private server (haven't tried it out on other servers) when i push the w button for my player to go forward when i let up on the w button he just keeps running and i like have to keep hitting s button a few times for him to stop. any help would be greatly appreciated and the problem is not sticky keys on the keyboard cuz i changed keyboards and its doing the same thing. addtion to original post just went onto another server and it is still doing same thing on other server.
  2. {FMZ}jefftooley

    Server Control Login issue

    I dont know if the original poster ever got this fixed but i have the same problem with my dedicated server sitting next to my gaming computer hooked up to my network patched to vers 1.59 and the only workaround that i have found for it is after you type in the admin password you can tab over to the login button and hit enter and allow you to go in as admin.