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  1. Where or how do i get to the Tracker? Can't seem to find it.
  2. Here's the link to a short video i made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDHxIHgeNlk&feature=youtu.be It sounds terrible when i just move the walrus like this. In full flow its not as noticeable but still annoying really :) At the end when the walrus engine switches off, the click you hear happens every time! Also when switching from map to vehicle and back. Thanks
  3. I have been using headphones, 5.1 Roccat Kave. I've tried adjust in game level and main levels and no luck. Changed my settings in the sound card from 24bit, 48Khz dowm to 16, 44. I have never had any issues with my sound in other games or the headphones for that matter. I tried re-install the audio drivers also and even fresh install of the game, still no luck. @Dram... i have recorded some audio for you, just uploading to youtube now @Reignhardt... what sort of issues were you experiencing?
  4. Hi, thanks for replying. I'm just getting constant small audible clicks such as when the engines of the walrus switch off and other things. It's as if all the sound files have not been cleaned up at the ends and there is an audible spike/pop/click etc that is played when a sound finishes. During more intense sequences they can't be heard as much due to the other more louder noises but i can still hear them and there are many also! Thanks ---------- Post added at 02:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:58 PM ---------- As for it coming out of the right side more, that was a loose connection on my side.
  5. Bump. Surely i'm not the only one with sound glitches? Can someone confirm that it isn't just me, because i don't have sound issues with anything else?
  6. Does anyone else have sound glitches whilst playing? It doesn't happen all the time and only seems to happen when i am travelling across open land etc, not among base's for some strange reason? Also, why is the sound in general so poor? It seems to come out of the right side more than the left and the sound levels are really poor? Poor options to adjust voice from sfx etc No 5.1!!!! Come on devs, this should be sorted already! Apart from that i love the game!! Thanks!
  7. I just come back to Arma after a few months break, done a fresh re-install with the latest updates and noticed that it says, BAF has some new missions! Except i can't see any new missions? Can anyone help me out, were they not introduced in the end or.....?? Thank
  8. KR303

    What am I doing wrong?

    Well i ain't experienced any problems with it and only complete ease of use for what i have been using for, as have the many more users! Nothing that is user made such as that is ever going to be 'finished' i reckon! It works very well though!
  9. KR303

    Sounds from in game chat?

    If he doesn't know what he is even talking about then how would he know what to search for? Sorry i can't help mate, it sounds really cool to me too! Somebody must be able to point you in the right direction! :)
  10. KR303

    VACbuilder Arma 2 profile.

    At first glance this seems much better than the mod im using, even if i can't use it MP (though it says it has signed keys, which my other doesn't)! Thanks dude, i'll check it out over the weekend! :)
  11. KR303

    What am I doing wrong?

    Again, forget launching through steam or normal if you have it! Use SixUpdater! ;)
  12. KR303

    VACbuilder Arma 2 profile.

    Thanks, i had a quick search for it but no luck. Im guessing it will just be like the mod i have though :)
  13. KR303

    VACbuilder Arma 2 profile.

    I feared not but thanks for your reply! Looking for servers that don't check keys is the way to go i reckon then :)
  14. KR303

    Clean your computer, people!

    Guys, all you need is IObit Advanced System Care plus their own free Smart Defrag 2. Smart Defrag will constantly work in the background when cpu usage is low keeping the files always defragged, plus allows you to perform boot time defrag whilst start up to defrag files that are only movable then. Btw, this software is so fast at what it does you won't noticed an increased boot time either! Advanced System Care, well you just should check it out, it unbelievable everything it does. My computer feels brand new everyday i use it because of this software! http://www.iobit.com/advancedsystemcarepro.html