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  1. I think the only thing more pathetic than the devs releasing this game in an utterly broken state are the people defending them. Every game has these delusional fanboys, but I still to this day can't understand what kind of personality flaw makes these people into delusional, blinded fools.
  2. How do I get afterburner blueprints or manta marsh upgrades while playing the strategy game? I don't start with them, and none of the science facilities allow me to hack them... Am I missing something?
  3. You must have a different game than the one I'm playing. In my game, the enemy carrier doesn't ever attack you or engage you whatsoever. It either runs away or sits in the water letting you shell it to death. The entire game is based around taking over islands to disrupt the enemy carrier's supply chains and improve your own so you can eventually get powerful enough to sink the enemy carrier. If you can just go and blow up the enemy carrier right when you start the strategy campaign, that pretty much invalidates the entire point of the game. That's as game breaking as it gets... seeing how there is no threat from the enemy carrier whatsover. See this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?141356-Has-anyone-ever-had-any-challenge-from-the-enemy-carrier
  4. So, I can't pass the second or third island because I don't have any more "Hacker Pods" or whatever they are called. I have no idea how this happened... I was just going along doing what the game told me. Then I arrive at the third or fourth island out of time warp and I immediately get a dialog saying "No More Hacker Pods - Game Over". What is up with that?
  5. This explains everything. The only thing the enemy carrier is programmed to currently do is to island hop between waypoints. If it happens to randomly select fleeing to the island you came from, it just barrels through you without engaging and eventually just stops dead in the water and allows you to kill it. If it randomly decides to flee to an island that you didn't come from, you can never catch up to the carrier and it just starts a takeover timer on another island. The game basically consists of you going to the island it's attacking, then hoping the script told it to "flee" in the direction you are approaching from, then you kill the carrier or you try again. That's the entire game right there. It's like hunt the wumpus with just a grid and the wumpus. Pathetic. To the developer who just posted- you said there's a bug when the enemy carrier deploys it's vehicles? Can you explain exactly what this means? Are you saying that the enemy carrier currently can't deploy it's vehicles, and that is what is causing the carrier to not even engage the player? Or is the fact that the enemy carrier has absolutely zero AI a completely different problem? If you fix this "bug" where the enemy carrier can't deploy it's vehicles, does this mean that when you arrive at an island the AI is currently attacking, you will actually see the enemy carrier's Mantas and Walruses on the island attacking facilities and defenses? Does this mean the enemy carrier and your carrier could potentially be fighting each other with all their vehicles over a contested island? Is the enemy carrier supposed to be actually using it's vehicles to attack an island, or is it all just a smoke and mirrors timer that counts down an arbitrary number then the island is taken over? If this is the case, what exactly is the enemy carrier supposed to do when you show up at an island it's attacking other than run away? Overall, what exactly will fixing this "bug" do to make the strategy game and actual... well... game?
  6. I've read all the threads about enemy carrier problems, but I'm wondering, has anyone actually seen the enemy carrier do anything intelligent or aggressive at all? I've played about five strategic games so far, and won all five of them after taking about two islands. The enemy carrier will inevitably attack a friendly island, I'll show up, and the enemy carrier will take off to another island. I'll pursue, and run into the enemy carrier again. This time it will be making a bee-line directly towards me. I'll man my main gun, take about 7-8 shots at it, then turn my carrier around to pursue it. Then, every single time, it will just stop in the water and do nothing while I pound on it until it dies. Then I win. I've never seen it try to turn to use it's main gun on me, it has never deployed a manta or walrus to attack me, it simply doesn't do anything. In all seriousness, I don't think there is any combat AI on the thing at all... it just has a web of waypoints it follows, and if you interrupt it between two waypoints, it just stops in the water and does nothing. This unfortunately makes the game completely pointless to play.
  7. I have conquered about three islands so far in my strategic campaign that had science stations on them. None of them allowed me to interact with them. I'm assuming I just need to drive a walrus up to the blue screen next to the gate of the science station to get a "hand" interact prompt with these, right? I really want to get some blue prints.
  8. I had the exact same experience in my last game. I took over one island, while I was doing so he took over two. I went down to engage him, had 2 encounters where he blew by me taking a few shots, then the third one I just blew him up. In my current game, I stopped fighting on one of his islands as soon as he attacked one of mine. Cruised down to defend the island, attacked him, and bam he's dead again. In all seriousness, if it's that easy, what is the point of this game?
  9. Topic says it all... I'd like to be able to play on my work and home machines. Is that allowed, or do I have to deactivate my home machine to play at work?
  10. Is there a document somewhere that shows the Xbox 360 controller layout? I'm playing this with my computer hooked to my TV using a controller, and there are a few functions I can't figure out.
  11. I actually went through my installed programs list before I installed the release version, and didn't see the beta in there. I thought I had uninstalled it already... do you know if it's called something other than "Carrier Command" in the installed programs list?
  12. flyinj

    Defend island?

    Is there ever a time where you actively see enemy units attacking a friendly island? Or does the enemy carrier just automatically dock all units and leave the island when you show up?
  13. I finally got around to downloading the full version of the game last night from the sprocket store. It was called "carrier_command_1.2.exe" or something similar. When I loaded it up, it had version 1.2 in the bottom right, but still said "work in progress" and the campaign button was grayed out. When I looked at the store page, under my products it's listed as the "Play and Contribute" version of Carrier Command. How do I access the release version?
  14. flyinj

    Disable motion blur?

    I love the post process effects. I hate the motion blur. That is why almost every other game on the market gives you the option to keep post process but disable motion blur. Except this one.
  15. flyinj


    Thanks! A few more things: Is there an indicator that shows when trim is enabled/disabled? When I turn off trim then turn it back on, does this reset the trim settings, or do they go back to where they were when I disabled it? If not, is there a way to clear trim settings?