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  1. So yeah guys my CCO sigths have gone dark but it only happens when i look towards the sun but even when it's blocked, can't figth at nigth either because of this (no sun but still no illum), also this only happens with my modpack activated! and i dont know which mod it is! Edit: Nevermind found out which mod that was causing this, it's the Swedish Forces Pack (final version, think the older ones might be ok)
  2. Hi! Im looking for a way to either make an set off addaction show up when a button is pressed or prefferably by making an addaction that opens up several options with subfolders etc. I've searched but found nothing so far.
  3. Fuckin' aye, Dsylecxi you done made my day this is great! c:
  4. calantlar

    User mission requests!

    Guerilla Warfare for Chernarus and Takistan with player as US soldier (russian and taki later perhaps) also with a non bugged helicopter and with BIS Airtransport instead of it and with a COOP version later.
  5. calantlar

    User mission requests!

    Still looking.......
  6. Thansk for the help i think i'll start aking my actual skin with hidden selections and then do my weapons config as a seperate addon :) i think it'll save some time and frustration that way also that cfg will sureley help.
  7. calantlar

    User mission requests!

    Yeah i know but the AI's only work if you recruit them from the recruit point .... i mean like the AI actually taking the predefined spots (aka the player slots) and doing that thoose roles are supposed to do (for example: CAS Pilot keeps an overwatch position over a unit of his choosing and responds to calls for support) which they currently don't do they stand completely still and idle.
  8. calantlar

    Support Menu Script

    *See's A3 mod* *Instantly demmands A2 version aswell*
  9. So what im trying to do is to make a new unit out of an existing one and i'm fairly certain just copying will cause bad stuff to happen so i want to make a new A-10 from the original model and add my own texture to that. Also i have looked att amny tutorials and i haven't got any help from it. So to put it in steps: 1. Make a copy of the A-10 (USMC faction if it matters) that is seperate ingame from the original so i can work on mine, its gonna be called A-10 (GW), so how do i rename it after i cloned it? 2. How do i pack it correctly and how do i add a bisign, bikey and make sure it doesn't occupy the current A-10's slot (configs and all that) 3. Probably more help as i try.
  10. calantlar

    User mission requests!

    A Single-Player Patrol Ops 2 with AI-doing what they should be doing not standing around. and with parameters for the AI for example, Squad 1 is and then a type like: Infantry (and perhaps a subcategory to what type of infantry unit like a more AT oriented unit) Motorized Infantry (and what vehicle they'll use perhaps) Mechanized Infantry (and what vehicle they'll use perhaps) Air-Cavalry (Works in conjunction with human or AI pilots in air transport vehicles) Paratroops (same as airccav secept they'll always parachute near the AO instead of disembarking like the aircav) Also the Crewman and Pilot AI roles should be changeable aswell for example Pilot 1 is and then a role just like the infantry examples: Transport/Liaison and then Fixed or Rotary-wing (also add a menu where you can switch modes and roles for the ai ingame) CAS (Fixed or Rotary) etc etc. but you should be ablke to give pilots several roles, like CAS+CAP+SEAD+Reconnaissance. It would be nice to see a spotting system like in ZK Battlezones aswell. If anyone is interrested in hearing more ideas add me on skype: calantlar.fow1
  11. It would be awesome to see a 20mm Sniper rifle and a 30mm AT Recoiless Rifle
  12. calantlar

    INKO Disposable

    Nice work Inko, hoppas vi ses i Warthunder igen :)
  13. calantlar

    Fireing UH-1Y Venom guns/rockets

    Yes that would be great.
  14. Where do i put this then? in the on act. line of a waypoint? ---------- Post added at 12:49 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:46 AM ---------- Nevermind i figured it out, but how do i make it throw myself out aswell(me the player)?