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  1. Installation in a folder addons For correct work it is better with last patch and (Arma 2 CO) Addition screenshots I will lay out 2, and all them 7))) http://cskaap.do.am/lsn/kaap_loading.rar
  2. Loading screens BAF Collective SBH presents a new addon Loading screens BAF for Operation Arrowhead Authors: Idea: Fair Project: Fair, KAAP Loading screens: KAAP Config: KAAP Testing: Collective SBH Special thanks: KAAP, Fair Files in archive: 1) Addons: SBH_KAAP_BAF_Loading.pbo SBH_KAAP_BAF_Loading.bisign 2)Readme RUS ENG GER Download: Narod DepositFiles Armaholic
  3. I didn't check I can not tell) ---------- Post added at 12:20 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:18 AM ---------- at them a same config)
  4. Logos will be cleaned this all with a view of safety of the rights of studio.))
  5. Only a maximum in a general view ARMA 3 and ARMA 2 OA
  6. Only 7 various pictures has laid out 3 rest inside author: KAAP Large-format monitors http://cskaap.do.am/lsn/KAAP_Loading_RUS_Army.rar мониторов 4:3 http://cskaap.do.am/lsn/4_3_KAAP_Loading_RUS_Army.rar
  7. larsiano arma 2 oa Without additions I have given OK to completion
  8. Write the ideas for game I will do
  9. Units on to diversify
  10. It is a convector flashpoint map!!!) Coooooooooooooooool
  11. arma 2 reinforcements It was not tested
  12. arma 2 reinforcements It was not tested
  13. US http://cskaap.do.am/lsn/kaap_loading.rar
  14. US http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=117541
  15. There are nuances well think soon all we will complete