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  1. You can move the UI element off screen with a script.


    Here's one snippet for stance and unit info contols:






    You need to find the display names and IDCs in RscInGameUI config.


    Thanks green will look into that thanks

  2. I would like to remove the Group Leader HUD from bottom left of the screen.


    I have tried using the BIS description.ext :-


    showHUD[] = {
        true,    // Scripted HUD (same as showHUD command)
        false,    // Vehicle + soldier info
        false,    // Vehicle radar [HIDDEN]
        true,    // Vehicle compass [HIDDEN]
        true,    // Tank direction indicator
        true,    // Commanding menu
        false,    // Group Bar
        false    // HUD Weapon Cursors


    I expected that the tank compass and tank direction would remain but group icon bar would be removed along with vehicle and soldier info etc.

    But what happens is we loose the Contextual menu from the scroll wheel so we cannot access Arsenal etc etc as we have Interaction icons removed. for reasons :)


    Any help or suggestions would be great.


  3. Rename the class COB bit


    or replace the #include for :-


     class COB2 
                        class functions 
                               class HALO {file = "COB_HALO\functions\fn_halo.sqf"};
                               class saveLoadOut {file = "COB_HALO\functions\fn_saveLoadOut.sqf"};

  4. There is no limit as far as I'm aware, theres a good chance running a mission for two weeks straight no resets probably is the problem. My group also runs a persistent mission and it can only run for maybe a couple days at the most before the whole thing starts to break down and fall apart. Scripts will begin breaking themselves and some engine side stuff will start to behave strangely or stop working all together, etc.


    There could also be script problems but impossible to tell without more info.

    Thanks for the reply m8.

    The only thing that seems broken after two weeks is the markers.

    server still is running at 45+ Fps and Cps

    And rpt is clean (well clean of any mission errors, mods and bis errors are another thing :) )


    weird :/

  5. Hello.


    We run a persistent coop mission that's been running for about two weeks so far without a shutdown or restart on the server or mission.

    Placed quite a few markers over the course of 2 weeks would be an understatement :)

    A few days ago we came a cross a problem, whereby any markers placed on map by players show only as black dots with black text for any JIPs.

    Even if you place a green arrow with green text, then goto the lobby and "jip in" the marker will now be a black dot with black text.


    Have we reached some sort of hard coded limit on markers allowed in global chat ?

    Or are we doing some funky voodoo in the mission scripts ?

  6. Hello.


    We are trying to get a file to read from a folder on the server using :-


    Array = call compile preprocessFile "\Folder\File.sqf";   publicVariable "Array";

    We place diag_logs before, in and after the file, the only logs that get reported are the before and after the file its self is not read anymore.

    We used to use this system with no problems when we tried to reuse it recently we noticed that it no longer works.

    Has something changed with the way you read a file from the server and not the mission ?


    Any ideas ?



  7. Hello.


    I was hoping for some clarification on the acre_api_fnc_setRevealToAI.

    We are running a coop mission that creates all enemy AI via script.

    Also we run ASR_AI and ACE, which are the only two mods we use which effect the AI. (apart from ACRE)

    We have noticed that the AI will not respond to player voices no matter how close we are or how long we talk near them.

    We tested this using a debug mode that allowed us to teleport behind the AI and be hidden via a map object and then talked on the radios for 5mins with no effect on the AIs behavior. 

    (low stone wall etc) no the wall did not block the transmission of the voice we checked that.


    Is there any conflicts or things we might be doing wrong that would explain why the AI still cannot hear us ?


    Thanks for the great mod once again :)