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  1. I just need a simple way to have my workshop on a different drive now, as my ssd is becoming full.

    When I say simple I mean the same as how games get placed on a different drive if you tell steam to do that.


    don't want to be fiddling around with dos scripts.

  2. I don't think we'll see much, if any, improvements in the in-game browser in Arma 3's lifetime. Especially when such things as difficulty filtering is already possible in the launcher browser.

    Is it ?


    I cant see dif filter in launcher ?

    Ahh yer its just missing one Difficulty isnt it ?


    Thanks Mr. Green

  3. Hey Muecke.


    I think ACE is good yes and I imagine it could only benefit the mission.

    Its very well documented so adding it to the mission params should not be a problem. (famous last words)

    Then individual servers can set if they want some ace features on or off.


    Although I think some things in ACE would always be on no matter what you do.


    Anyway I know its a pain in the arse to alter a mission just for a mod so do it if ya want not cause some old fart like me asked :)

  4. I was a littlebit tipsy when doing this thread and it was written in desperate anger towards the new update, and I failed even to use the search button to see there already is a poll about this. Might aswel delete this topic soon. Still, I feel like the poll options are really just exaggerated reflections of how the game feels currently in relation to reality.


    ps. I'm not a native english speaker so pardon the wrong word order :P


    Ah drunken posting, I have to admit I am guilty of that in the past also :) as the moderators would attest to. 

  5. Hi ace community.

    Devs thanks for this awesome mod. It is the cornerstone of our modded Arma experience.

    Can anyone suggest or recommend what mods/configs are needed between Ace and Rhs since I know they dont always play together nicely? Anyone is welcome to recommend something.


    Do you move the optionals over ? Think there are two .pbos and two .bisigns.

    Dunno if they help though....

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  6. Hello,


    I'm just trying to get a gauge on the community.


    Since the 1.54 update...My group has seen a rapid increase in the amount of crashes/server desyncs on 2 separate dedicated servers.


    I thought it might be a mod conflict,etc....but it appears to happen even in very lightly modded/vanilla missions.


    Didn't know if this is a known issue across the board or if anyone else has seen similar issues since the latest Arma update.


    Mods used in most missions are ACE,ALiVE, and RHS, but...as I said...seeing this in vanilla missions as well.


    Our server has been crashing all weekend we dont play ALIVE.

    Below is a forum post with a link in last post to the feedback about the crashes.


  7. The "list" is for the name of the vehicle. Name your repair truck "XYZ" in the name tag and then enter in the "list" field: XYZ


    You need to repair manually. Take a repair tool, look at the vehicle and with ACE interaction you will see the damaged part of the vehicle.


    With fuel is different when you WANT to use ACE Refuel! But just use the ace Interaction button on your keyboard and you will know how.

    Does that apply to rep facility's too ? name of object  because sync doesn't seem to work for rep fac.