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  1. lol, nice. Guess I'll just have to start digging through the pbos,
  2. > Ive made missions before/edited missions before but how does one edit the vehicles/weapons stats? Im sure this is quite easy so just point in the right direction will speed things up a bit for me, thanks.
  3. >> G'day all, i wanted to ask anyone in the community for help regarding a warfare based map idea ive had. Ive been away from Arma for a while but ive had this in the back of my head for some time. The idea is a full Sahrani map warfare game where the SLA attacks the RACS/US just as in the original game, but it would all be played out in a single large warfare mission. ( if this is possible ). SLA side starts with North under their control and the South under US/RACS. Either side must push to defeat the other. I am also wondering if it would be possible have "limited numbers", meaning you could set so many of such and such unit per side and thats it, once they are destroyed thats it. ' I found a map called "Sahrani invasion" that is kind of what i wanted to do, also wondering if anyone knows of any good maps that have been made that might have what i just asked, and any good warfare mods out there as ive been out of the ArmA game for at least a year. Currently using ACE+ECS. Thoughts and ideas?
  4. Raptor341

    Need help with Warfare idea - Sahrani war

    If anyone has ever used IslandWar mod for OFP DR that's one of ideas I would like to try to emulate with this.