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  1. At first, thanks for this MOD. That's really interesting for me! When i played in this mod, i found one funny bug. I called it "rolling wheel of motorcycle", this looked really fun! And i decided make video about this bug. Here it. Pleasant viewing! PS: Unfortunately, quality of the video leaves much to be desired and maybe you can't see some details. PPS: I hope that will fixed in next version of Invansion 1944!
  2. Maybe, many interested, how BIS didn't allow the player to fall from an aircraft-carrier in the first mission of campaign Harvest Red. In this material, you find answer to this question! So, i found the decision! I unpacked first mission of the BIS campaign, and in one of scripts, i detected name of the invisible wall. This is her names InvisibleFence2 InvisibleFence3 I have found out that the first wall is impassable from two parties, and the second only with one! How create this object? Very simple! stena = "InvisibleFence2" createVehicle (getpos mesto) where: wall - name of the wall, and mesto - position, where wall was created! Can be name of the trigger, for example! To dispel all doubts, I have made an example. Radio Alpha (0-0-1) - creates a wall, and radio Bravo (0-0-2) - delete her! The archive contains two versions of example, for ArmA2 and for OA! With best regards, Leh2012 PS:Not sure what an example for Operation Arrowhead will work, so as in OA, maybe, doesn't contain these objects. PPS: Excuse for bad english DOWNLOAD ARCHIVE
  3. Jedra, ok, thanks for explanation! PS: I not tested script on another islands!
  4. Jedra, very strange. I'm just checking it on a Utes. All worked fine! You have not changed the script? :confused: Good advice!
  5. twirly, sorry I don't think about it! Use new link, i hope you can download script! DOWNLOAD THE ARCHIVE
  6. So, is glad to inform on an output of the new version of this script! About version 1.2 I did this version already without involvement Gerasimow9 and I put into it very much! Now the script perfectly works not only with ammo boxes, but also with vehicles! Next, list of changes. Next, instructions for the script. What in the archive? * Example for ArmA2 * Example for ArmA2 OA * Readme on two languages DOWNLOAD THE ARCHIVE PS: Excuse for the bad English language:)
  7. -=SBH=- "MVD (Tropical Camo)" [Retekstur] v.1.0
  8. Has updated the first post of the new information!
  9. Translator Leh2012, creators gerasimow9 and Leh2012. So, two scripts fulfilling identical function, but having small distinctions became a fruit of mine with gerasimow9 common efforts. I want to pay attention that has written the main part of the code gerasimow9, I have only rectified some errors and have made the script version in sqf! Also I have made two examples, one for pure ArmA2, the second for ArmA2 OA. Here also there was a new version of a script, it happens thanks to council of comrade DICS. In the new version I have left only SQF a file. The list of changes: The ammo box appears precisely on a fit place. Unnecessary lines in the code are corrected some. I'm written an explanation of a corrected script. Script activation: In the trigger or a script write p=[sam] execVM "sbros.sqf"; The script version SQF sam - the name of the airplane which will be transferred in a script, can be any! Further there is an explanation of this script! Example for ArmA2. Version 1.1 Example for ArmA2 OA. Version 1.1 PS: Excuse for the bad English language!
  10. Leh2012

    CWR² Demo

    The demo campaign comes to an end with Armstrong's departure with Averon!