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  1. Just notice this ad is still valid. We have already started cooperation on Tanoa buildings with recently applied external artists and even teams from the Arma community. The production progress seems boosted by the new staff on board and we would welcome more adepts to help us to deliver that beauty. So whether you are an individual or a team of more people together meeting the requirements, don't hesitate and contact us via the career page. The job is for external co-workers without fixed working hours, so the time spent depends completely on you (of course we prefer hard-working personnel :)). The steps to glory are simple: 1. Send a portfolio or examples of your work 2. Wait for being picked and contacted 3. Sign the contract and wait for access to documentation 4. Get your assignment and agree on price and date 5. Work and discuss your progress 6. Deliver the final asset 7. Get paid 8. Go to 4. ;)
  2. Hi. As you probably already know, we're currently working on a new terrain for Arma 3 as part of The Expansion. In order to fully reach our goals and make this the most awesome terrain possible, we decided to ask a few artists / modders from the Arma community to help us with creating planned map assets, specifically structures and buildings. It would be standard external work involving a job application, candidate selection, proper contract, NDA and pays :) Anyone interested and fitting to such a position, please follow the BI Careers ad and apply there.
  3. Hi, there is no official printable version of the Field Manual and no plans for doing that. We expect updating it (not only bug-fixing, but also adding stuff) as same as other data. So if anyone "need" it, then it waits for some community act in this matter ;)