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  1. elvinjones

    Why do most people prefer coop, not cti?

    Yeah I meant to post on Arma 2, hopefully it can be moved. I noticed that a lot of people who play with consistently high scores in many games always choose the most out of balance team, I am a proponent of very strict game balancing for that very reason.
  2. First of all, I can't play multiplayer because I only have 4g access and can't get multiplayer to work despite a good ping. But back when I could play, I always noticed that *way* more people were playing COOP instead of CTI >95% of servers and >90% of players, probably. For me, any game type where the goal is to beat AI is just not rewarding. Which do you prefer, and is it due to game type or practical issues like lack of players? <edit>...mistakenly posted in Arma 3 forum...
  3. elvinjones

    Hardware requirements?

    I would reiterate that it's just a bad idea to build a PC for a game released a year from now. Someone mentioned GTX 560s above. Put into context (Arma 2 was released in 2009), that would be like having a midrange graphics card from 2008 for the Arma 2 release. If you are happy with Arma 2 on an nVidia 8800 or ATI HD3870, then go ahead and spec your PC now. Even if there is less tech push on newer cards, there will be big price changes. Wait until it comes out, wait for benchmarks, and you'll end up with better graphics for less money playing Arma 3.
  4. elvinjones

    Plane and Helicopter handling

    I also play simulators, and think it would be great to have more realism in the air. But as some have pointed out, the maps are too small to feel very immersed in high speed aircraft, so until Arma has bigger maps, simulation should have proportionately less importance. Air is still Battlefield like in that you capture some air base and fly out from 500 or 1500 meters from behind a firefight.
  5. elvinjones

    Cover system for Arma3?

    I think a cover system like GTA IV's 'lock in' cover would be terrible. It's counter to Arma's stylistic thesis of freedom - in this case freedom of movement. Instead, the WAY one is able to manipulate his or her character's movement should approach realism, thus addressing anyone's desire to find cover in one way or the other.
  6. elvinjones

    No DX11?

    HE's saying they could still rewrite it in OpenGL!!! :D Maybe arma 5...
  7. elvinjones

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    I will buy Arma 3 for sure. It's not TOO far in the future, and I'm sure it will attempt to be realistic in the same vein as all BIS games. It looks Great! An as yet unvoiced physx opinion: Then again maybe physx will be able to be hacked for this particular game...:) Watercooling here I come!
  8. Hi, I have Arma 2 and am wondering if I install OA, if it installs everything afresh or if there is significant hard drive space/files overlap. I see specs say 10-20 gigs, but don't know if there's a difference between OA standalone vs already having Arma 2 installed. I have about 1.5tb of disk space, but am left with 300gigs afters doing a few albums recording 12+ simultaneous audio tracks.
  9. Your assumption of my ignorance is getting in your way of parsing the subtleties of what I'm saying and asking. Despite condescension, I thanked you for the helpful bits and my questions still stand as per above: In multiplayer, AI is done server side? and regarding my PC specs, I'm generally cpu limited? Edit: generally cpu limited offline with AI.
  10. Well you don't really know that, do you? That's an incorrect assumption. I've played online twice so far. I did realize that the viewdistance was short after the first time I tried to set it - the second time I played; the day after the initial post. I was corroborated with Leon's post. Is my understanding that in Multiplayer, the server takes care of ai, correct? Thanks for the tip that I can force view distance, I will try that to get it at least up to 5 or 6k.
  11. Yes, I did! I was gonna post a screenshot asking "is this really 10km?" And am I right that a Phenom II X4 955 running at 3.8GHz is CPU limited around AI in single player? Arma2 is running on high priority and I think about 80% total cpu usage, which is a lot.
  12. Hi, when you're capturing a base, it'll say something like: SV: 15/15. Is there any indication of the number or enemies in the base? What's the protocol for taking a base - do you start to tear the enemy's base down when you have one more player than they do in the vicinity, or do you need to Kill Em All? You can take a bunker while not taking base/town itself? Are there different characters where I can carry more than an AKM plus two additional clips, and an RPG launcher with only 1 RPG? THANKS for any help.
  13. I finally got multiplayer up and running and am extremely happy to see WAY higher fps in comparison with single player, due to a CPU bottleneck I'm sure... I run at all highest settings (I've been running with viewdistance at 5500, but last game upped it to 10000 and didn't notice much or any slowing) with MLAA, and average 25-40 fps, with occasional drops to low 20s or teens and more jumps above 50fps. On single player, I have to keep viewdistance at 5500 otherwise it gets too slow. I have: -Phenom 955 at 3.8Ghz (stock hsf, I only overclocked for this game, it helped single player a bit) -4 gigs ddr 1600 (really need 8; I think vista uses ram as a cache? And in some games I have less than a gig free, notice my pagefile growing) -AMD 6950 2GB -Running off a single WD 7200 32meg hard drive, I may try to stripe the game across two.
  14. I don't think video games are art, however there is one being released that was made purposefully to be art. It was on the PC gamer site a month ago. I don't know exactly why Germany censors certain things, but I doubt it's because they want to forget history. Even if so, coming from the USA, it would by quite hypocritical to scoff at Germany for 'rewriting' history. But hopefully the US version won't be censored; I'm not sure if that makes for seamless online play between the two versions? (People in the USA would see the swastika while Germans see Mickey Mouse? :-)
  15. elvinjones

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Take On may (like their interview stated) have helicopter sim elements brought into a new BIS game, if not existing ones, which is great from my perspective, being an X-Plane fan (74 gigs of sim goodness) . Lookup tables can still be fun... :P 2011.5: Take On Iranistan. ---------- Post added at 01:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:09 PM ---------- Err, I mean the interview said they may incorporate more accurate models into the armaverse that they've learned to use from TOH.