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  1. I'd love to see the campaign for A3 Apache... Thank you for new Apache, I've flown for a while yesterday, and it's already a great addon. Thanks guys!
  2. I can speak mostly for myself, but I still have TKOH installed, as some of our squad members. I assume TKOH version has RotorLib enabled? If you'll release TKOH version we will fly the Apache for sure. :)
  3. TKOH version is still in cards? Or you'll switch to the A3 completely?
  4. I love you guys. Can't wait for TKOH version.
  5. _michal

    Arma 3 & TOH

    Sigh, this is my main reason why I'm very disappointed with Arma3. I was hoping, I was almost sure that Arma 3 will have features from Arma2 and TKOH combined. That it will fill the gap between arcade helicopter games and Digital Combat Simulator. I don't think it will happen though. I have Arma 3, I like it, I love Altis, but I don't touch A3 helicopters, they are abysmal. And I am a helo fan. :/
  6. +1 I was disappointed with Take On post release support and waited for Arma 3 for my combat helicopters fix, I was ready to buy alpha at day one, right now I think I will wait until proper FM is done. To be honest I'm shocked that FM won't be a part of alpha...
  7. _michal

    Is Arma3 still the "Flagship"

    With DayZ and Arma3 on the front burner it looks like Take On: Helicopters is already 'done'. :( We are waiting for a patch since May... Some fixes to Hinds DLC would be very welcome too...
  8. _michal

    Arma 3 & TOH

    I hope those games won't be such fillers like barely supported TKOH. I was very excited before TKOH release, slightly less after (I was expecting at least basic avionics there), and I haven't flown Take On after very disappointing HINDs DLC. That what Take On Helicopters is, a filler. :( I would rather see BIS focused fully on Arma series, than see mediocre games without true support like Take On: Helicopters. Sorry for harsh words, but I was expecting a quality product. Hopefully Take On: Helicopters will grow in the future.
  9. One question - will Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic be compatible with Take On Rearmed? Please, say yes. :confused:
  10. _michal

    Take On: Hinds!

    Took few short flights. It's hard as hell to fly this thing, I have to practice more. I love the addon, and I don't regret buying Hinds, but to be honest I'm very disappointed with one thing - reticle is not collimated :( I've noticed it instantly and I felt like ten years ago. Almost all modern sims I fly has HUDs or reticles collimated - DCS, Il2, RoF, BMS, FSX. Last sim I played that had reticle glued to the glass was CFS3. It's major issue for me. Beside this - it's awesome. Thanks BIS, can't wait to see what you're cooking for us in the future.
  11. _michal

    Take On: Hinds!

    OK, thank you.
  12. _michal

    Take On: Hinds!

    What is the procedure? Compatibility Pack first and then Hind DLC?
  13. _michal

    Take On: Hinds!

    Coincidentally gog.com released Digital Integration's Hind today. :D Hind overload! :cool: