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  1. The commands for me are spelled out in the articulate program, but they don't do anything in game. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Does anyone else have problems using this mod vtn? With this mod, the scopes in VTN don't work on the machine guns for whatever reason. This has happened to me me on AGM too, although I never pinpointed the problems. The scopes and optics .pbos weren't breaking it so I gave up because i couldn't logically think of anything else that would break it.
  3. USMC Soldier

    VeteranMod demo release

    I'm using the arma 2 version of vtn, does anyone know what pbo to delete to restore zoom?
  4. USMC Soldier

    SyNcRoNiCzZ WIP Thread

    If you could make the same system for RCO ACOG that would be amazing.
  5. I'd really like to see a flashpoint sangin mission one day.
  6. All right it works for me now thanks guys!
  7. If I may request, I would like to see a Sangin Hellmand flashpoint one day.
  8. I was trying out LEA and it didn't work out. I set for a takistani to spawn with a G3 in the mission through LEA, but when i played he had his normal AK74. It says the loadout is disabled, and I don't know how to enable it.
  9. Hi. Thompsonb, how do i lower the AI skill in your mission?
  10. USMC Soldier

    Chechen Rebels

    When I spawn one of these guys and try to fight them they turn all black?
  11. move them to the missions folder maybe? (not mp missions) ?
  12. USMC Soldier

    COWarMod Release

    I was trying this out and noticed that sometimes, I've had enemies literally dead while standing up.
  13. Ok. I'll try it out. See what happens. ---------- Post added at 06:56 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:49 AM ---------- Just gave me this error message. Include file x/cba/addons/ui_helper/script/dikCodes.hpp not found.
  14. Like for example I want to get rid of CBA_OA ans CBA_A2 out of my download list. How do I do that? When I click on A2 O.A ACE then A2 OA combined ops this is my download list @ACE @ACEX @ACEX_RU @ACE_SM @ACEX_USNavy @CBA @CBA_A2 @CBA_OA I have the new version and it's trying to force me to to get those two CBA's that I don't need.I at least want to remove it from the list.