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  1. I agree, it would be nice if the glass was more noticeable! Thanks for the updated conversion geraldbolso1899!
  2. I noticed this issue as well. It appears that the LOD models on some of the humvees don't include the edits you made to the stock models and so they just look like the BIS hummers from a distance. This is a really great mod Richard, I'd love if that got sorted out. Keep up the good work!
  3. dancanman

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E ArmA III

    Word cannot express how happy I am! Thanks for the release!
  4. Hi Shay! MCC is an indispensable part of my play sessions, but there is one aspect of it which I feel could use improvement in future versions. Would it be possible to add more fine-tuned weather controls to the MCC console? It would be nice to have independent control over cloud cover, wind and rain, similar to the editor, or even somewhat segmented control such is as available in Splendid Camera. Keep up the great work!
  5. dancanman

    WIP - Arma 3 MTVR Realism Mod

    That looks absolutely fantastic, great work RichardsD! Are you planning on creating a variant with a turret on top?
  6. dancanman

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    Wouldn't making only one PBO actually facilitate people using your content wholesale? Will you be locking ASM?
  7. dancanman

    Stand alone hmmwv

    A HMMWV for Arma 3? Yes! Great work!
  8. dancanman

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    is Microsoft ICE (Free Program) what you're after? It will attempt to create a panorama of images that you feed it automatically. This only seems to work on a small section of Stratis currently, near the airfield. You should see red and blue lines crossing the hills outside the airbase.
  9. dancanman

    How do I create a Window'd shortcut from steam?

    -Window is what your looking for
  10. It appears to me that the only significant change is that the spacebar now switches the equipped weapon by default, so now, to select all units, you press the ~ key. Same F1-F11 keys, same 2-8 menus. I could be wrong, but that's been my experience
  11. dancanman

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    BIS has said mid august, and I believe the delay is due to Valve's QA testing.
  12. If your waiting for 64-bit A2 Binaries, you'll be waiting for a long, long, long time. I think they've said before it wont ever happen with A2.
  13. do you have lots of background processes running when you play arma?
  14. Does anyone have an alternate link to this pack? Armaholic links are dead as well.