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  1. Hello, Here is some news about the mod that I work on. It's a port from ArmA... After working on new textures in high resolution, and on new sounds, I manage to modify / correct some scripts. The work is well advanced, but as this model is a bit special, I discovered some bugs that I'm trying to fix. Be patient... ;) h-FkayV7v4U Ghost.
  2. Thanks all for your positive reactions. @ Vixente : Long and nice video. Before, the weapons were too powerful and the combat was not very interesting. I made some ​​corrections, to make the addon more balanced (example: 2 missiles are enough to damage a char and 4 to destroy them). Despite this, the capabilities of the plane and the weapons loaded are enough to make lot of damages :D But that's strange that you should use as much mauler shot, to destroy an aircraft... I seen some of your posts on a spanish forum. My friend Google translator and me are agree about what Xerox said about the modding (Even if my friend does not translate very well). That's my point of view too... And that's for that, that I make few mods, different of what we expect on this game, since OFP ;)
  3. Hello, Sorry for not having told you sooner. I posted my addon, just before going away for few days... That's a good surprise for me too, to see that it can be downloaded :bounce3: You will find the release by clicking on the link of Grub's post (thanks... again ;)). I hope you will enjoy it. Ghost.
  4. Hello, I did not forget you :) Since my last post, I've worked hard to solve the last bugs. This was not easy, because of the special conception of this addon. But now this mod is under test by some lucky guys (I know... it is unbearable to read that). And it seems that the beta version will be the finale version. The good news is that I can plan a release in few days (the time to find a nice site to host the addon. I already have an idea :)). To answer some previous posts : @Grub : Thanks for your remark. I appreciated very much. :) @Dalia : The music I've used in my video is from the movie "Avalon". @Dcal : Now you know why you're in the credit ;) @crazyrobban : I'm not sure that my addon will work well in multiplayer. I've had some issues with the ArmA version. So, wait and see... Ghost.
  5. Hello, Some news about my addon. Some corrections have been made. Still working on the last problems and on an idea I've read on the forum :). Until the release (when it's done), here is a new trailer : V1Uwn2p_NHI Ghost.
  6. Thank you all for your posts. I was not expecting so many encouragement :o. Since my last post, the port is well advanced. The scripts were the most difficult modification to do, especially since some functions were modified on ArmA2. I've find acceptable solutions. To answer some requests, I'll not do a version without boosters. I apologize about that, but I've chosen this version, because he regroups all I've wanted to create on ArmA... for a plane. This mod should be a simple port, but it became something much more complex than in its original version (even if it does not see). Moreover, it is possible that I resumes another mod that I've stopped, some years ago (since OFP, I've made 2 planes, an helicopter, a car, a quad, but not tank yet). But for now, I'll do my best to offer you the best port possible, even if I can not please everybody ;) Last updated: - I built a script when the airplane is out of fuel in flight. - New info is visible in the cockpit. - Replacement of some sounds. - Longer necessary to lower the landing gear, to land in Battroid mode (The aircraft is in Battroid mode = You can land = No landing gear visible = Landing gears have no effect) Currently I am trying to debug when the plane is used by IA, while gathering ideas for creating a new video ... and while watching macross series (Yes, I try to be multi-task :D). Ghost.
  7. Hello guys, It seems to have more fans of my work here :) As Dcal said, I'm currently a little busy. There is more things to do on my Macross mod, but you can see how it looks Ghost.