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  1. 1nsider

    Patrol Operations 2

    Have a slight problem: radio chatter with AIs comes in incomplete chunks. Looks like it's a feature actually, but it'll be nice to have an ability to turn it back to default :) Have looked all over the code & couldn't find the proper directive. Please point to the right direction.
  2. 1nsider

    Patrol Operations 2

    Guys, what were your server fps during tryouts? I've tried a mission with only one player joined, but my server fps were about minimal barrier of 15-18. Rechecked with other usual missions (incl. TFOR) - and server has shown usual performance within 30-40 fps. Tried to disable ambient civilians for 'Patrol Ops' - but server fps has gone up just a little, hitting 20fps. -- Mission's content & capabilities sounds great from the description, btw :)
  3. 1nsider

    co26 Domino OA [2.54]

    Point taken.
  4. 1nsider

    co26 Domino OA [2.54]

    Cannot agree, mate. ArmA's AI is a great addition to any large-scale COOP session if players know how to use them (and those who don't usually don't bother at all).
  5. couple of minor bugs experienced with latest version (1.32) witnessed some dynamically generated objects hovering in the air, specifially - it was a camo net not far from mission area. upon respawn on FOB, one of the players have heard the siren sound (quite loud). he has been able to hear the sound continiously while he stayed at base 'blue' zone. other players at base haven't heard anything. nuke feature has been disabled in the parameters. have not been able to encounter any IED still :) -- conditions: game running at dedicated server, session lasted for about 1 hour, minor customizations were introduced to the mission setting (shouldn't had effect on game logic). cheers.
  6. 1nsider

    co26 Domino OA [2.54]

    Same with me. Wanted to dedicate some proper time to research these customizations in detail. Actually, I was moving in the same direction - limiting features & resources in Dom in order to make it a bit more edgy. Though I'm not sure if limiting certain vehicles to certain classes only is a good idea. If players are cooperative - they probably will not steal & use vehicels inappropriately, while not being able to use vehicles in certain conditions (to help your own teammates for example) could ruin the experience.
  7. that was some busy saturday night huh
  8. The script helps to add some ambient threat to the map by randomly placing an enemy outposts all over. But nevermind, actually, I've realized that WiT generates some ambient threats near the main objective anyway + not a lot of players would like to get shot at all the way across the map. makes sense
  9. thanks, i think other players might like some ambient sounds as well. a couple of other suggestions: to change AI recruitment dialog in a way that dialog window will not close after recruiting the AI soldier every time or to borrow the bon_recruit_units script (very handy piece of code) to change one of the UH-60s to a Little Bird with FLIR (ACE) or Venom with FLIR (comes in vanilla ArmA) in order to have not only a transport chopper, but a recon chopper as well i believe someone has asked for this one already - to have an ability to recover wrecks of own vehicles in Sim mode also, I spice WiT up a bit by adding Bon's enemy_camps script from TFORCEs And thanks for the mission, btw - it turned out to be a lot of fun, specially for low number of players (who knew, huh). I play it rather a lot recently, on my own, when there's not enough of fellow players for a proper TFORCE coop.
  10. understood, thanks for clarification. will look up & turn it on in the code now :) rain with no sound makes it too creepy of an experience -- looks like changing enableEnvironment in init.sqf from false to true does the trick
  11. it seems that there's some issue with an ambient sounds - like rain/wind, they are just not present. just checked with 1.32 in simulation mode & rechecked in other missions to be sure that it's WiT-related only
  12. 1nsider

    Domination - Active again?

    Start the server by arma2oaserver.exe & start the actual gaming session at the same pc and then join the server.
  13. 1nsider

    Domination - Active again?

    As far as I can tell - there are changes in big chunks of 2.60's code, comparing to 2.59.
  14. That is some great news, looking forward to try it out this weekend. Once more - encourage everyone, looking for quality COOP sessions to give TFORCE a test. Haven't been able to find anything better, and trust me, I was trying hard. In the end - just chose to stick with TFORCE, introducing small tweaks of my own here & then (which is incredibly easy to do since the code is as clean as it gets).
  15. Having troubles loading the mission after an update "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. acex_sm_c_sound_wep_mg" Error has been reproduced at the other, completely separate, machine as well. Before update - fine. After update - the above mentioned troubles. -- added: also, if the LandRover_CZ_special is present on the map, the following error appears "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1/Turrets/AnimationSources.minElev'." the error has been reproduced on a separate setup as well