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    Any interesting books to recommend?

    If you like some horror stuff read H. P. Lovecraft If you like sci-fi read especially Warhammer 40k read Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghost series If you like some african travelogue there is a hungarian hunter-explorer called Kittenberger Kálmán. Maybe with luck you can find his english translated books. I got many more idea but right now these come in my mind. Happy reading!!!:bounce3:
  2. Well what a suprise thanks the Lingor map!!! Downloading right now.... Keep up the good work mate!!!
  3. rtka1234

    ARMA3 banned in Iran

    I think its ridiculous and i dont want to offense the iranian people, but they've got their laws i think its called Sariah which i think its extreamly abusive. As i said i have no problem with the common iranian people, i think they goverment,- the very few people who do these laws- are very bigott.
  4. Hi thomsonb! I really like your mod new version i think its get even better all the time. However i want to play in Lingor and Isla Duala too, so do you include these maps for the future releases? Oh keep up the good work!
  5. rtka1234

    What languages do you know or want to know.

    Hi my motherlanguage is hungarian and i speak english fluently:m:
  6. Hi! Im totally hooked by hornet's nest and marshall of savannah soo please offer me some mission which made by wict
  7. Hi! I'm followed wict some times but now i can't hear a thing about it. I'm hope this mod isn't dead, because i think it's one of the best mods i ever played.
  8. hi iwas thinking about that these takistan and napa and chedaki forces what kind of laguages they speak ? Any opinions?:confused:
  9. rtka1234

    Arma 2 in-game languages

    ahh okay thx :cool:
  10. rtka1234

    Arma 2 in-game languages

    ohh what does it means /woc???
  11. Well im not a big multiplayer because im afraid that some hacker or cheater ruin my gameplay. So how can i see that a certain guy use hack/cheats?What are the signs(eg:being too accurate in long distance ... etc)? Thanks PS.:Ohh and can some guy give me a cheatfree and mature serverlist?
  12. Well its like i need train alot :cool:
  13. @ CannonousCrash Thanks the info! Ohh and thanks to all the useful infos that you wrote in this topic! I appreciate your help and i will help to you if i can!
  14. Look i don't want that my topic goes some serious flaiming and flamebaiting... i started this topic cause i want to avoid these hackers and other cheaters.... soo take it easy. Please:pet5: ---------- Post added at 05:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:34 PM ---------- ps. @dwarven Thanks the link! Really useful!
  15. I think your mod is one of the best mission ever! Keep up the good work! Oh and thanks the great missions!
  16. Well im happy to find some good news from my favourite map maker ! Keep up the good work!!
  17. rtka1234

    whats your favorite mod?

    ACE of course... and a few user made addons like isla duala lingor panthera etc...
  18. wow it looks promising and i like the lore and the historical things thet you wrote i think you have got talent keep up the good work :)
  19. rtka1234

    Arma 2: G36 series vs XM8 series?

    well i think its all good imho so its like personal preferences but im not a weapon expert,i like it all, in the right hands they are real killing machines:cool:
  20. hi ive got two question right now before i download this thing: 1.is this compatible with wict tool? 2. can i create some sandbox survival mission with this tool?
  21. Any reports on performance for others maybe? well i havent got any performance issue but i did so far some basic things :) Still learning this awesome tool :bounce3:
  22. hehe good one cool :bounce3: anyway how can i disable the debug mode?
  23. well i made a mission from the demo mission for takistan and tweaked a bit nothing special just few more base bigger playing area so i played and it seems it working so im currently happy....:bounce3: anyway thanks the quick respond i will looking for more info:)
  24. hi ! First i just want to thank you this mod for arma 2 its just great but i have a problem. i did everything like it in the manual but i always get some errors in my mission the is no bases and no enemy spawns. can u help me?:(