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  1. I have the same problem, someone else happens?
  2. Great, I love it, is wonderful and the sound is great thanks a million, good work.
  3. Ironwood

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    Hi, Yurapetrov, I love your mod, this chopper is one of my favorite and thanks to you, I have the pleasure of many hours of sweet game. THANKS Now I have inquire, you can make the more my favorite chopper of all and of many people, AH-1W wiskey???. Great work!!!
  4. Good work, is wonderfull, very nice, thanks!!!
  5. Ironwood

    Support Radio

    I think, what the problem is other add, in conflict, all choppers in mission move very slow, when call one ah64 using the high command. Thanks for you great scripts
  6. Ironwood

    Support Radio

    Hi, I select transport, and choose fast speed, but is too slow, very very slow.
  7. Ironwood

    Support Radio

    otherwise why the helicopters move so slowly?
  8. Ironwood

    Support Radio

    Not work for me, only player can use suport radio the other units, (with gps and radio) can't use it, I testing the sample mission. And the chooper is very slow, is possible make it move to fast?
  9. Ironwood

    Support Radio

    Wonderful, good work, just a question how I can use it with other units I tried using a Marine, I have equipped with radio and GPS and does not work, only if I use the same radio that has the original soldier's mission example.Thanks
  10. Ironwood

    SC_Mod Ingame screenshots

    Great job, you read my thought, very good idea.I look forward play whit this.
  11. Ironwood

    Seahawk Addon By YuraPetrov

    Great job guy, I love this chopper, thanks you, you are big!!!
  12. Ironwood

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Wonderful work, I'm looking forward to seeing your next work. But in this latest update, 1.2 receive an F35 instead of F18 .. Thanks for this beautiful aircraft.
  13. Ironwood

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    Certainly the model is very nice, and the suspension movement while shooting, etc, but what I say is that if in addition to being close to reality was too close to the gameplay would be perfect, in essence, to me at I dislike seeing recreate the view from outside the function, for example, but I guess this model has been created for someone who in reality is commander, gunner or driver of an M109, which we summarize by going head is with the obsession that has to be accurate to reality and I wonder, someone starts playing as a gunner and passed the whole game in that position without even seeing nothing but the outside or changed to another unit? kill you and if you stop playing or start another game? that's not very real to say no? ...
  14. Ironwood

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    But I'm not so happy, was eager to finish the model and when I finally tried it, I was very disappointed, they forget that this is a simulation game not real life, not gameplay, it is useless to be fabulous and sounds great, I'll use white when using Russian troops, hahaha!
  15. Ironwood

    JSDF MOD 1.0 released

    Wonderful job guys and thank you very much for the SH60, we finally have the great SH60 in ARMA2, I love it. Testing I have seen that the damping of SH60 landing gear might not work after takeoff. Thanks