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  1. Ahahaha, that sounds nice :L Have to try that once with the fellas.
  2. Bah.. Download link doesn't seem to work, at least not when I'm trying.. It says that the 'file' is unavailable. ------------------- WORKS again!. Looks like i just needed to wait a few hours.. sorry, not my fault that I'm heating up to get this update :D ------------------- I've tried again about adding a AI to my unit, still doesn't work for some reason.. But about that i could add: This join (Group player); What should be in group player? Like: This join SP33D ? lol and another thing, again. (Better to put everything in one post then posting multiple times) Why can't you please add so there is gunners in the evac choppers? Would make it more realistic that there is gunners so they cover your approach to the helo. Also a Co-Pilot in them :D AND, what is supposed to happen when u spawn a pilot?..
  3. Hey, is it possible to add a AI, then type something in the Init file so the AI join my group?
  4. Squad name - 1St Royal Tactical Commandos [1RTC] Timezone/location - GMT+0 Squad gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp) - Coop Contact email - 1RTC@gmx.com Website address - www.The1RTC.Userboard.org
  5. Could you please help me then? Like I've tried to go into a init file, copy all and go to the other init file, go to the bottom and paste it. Which makes it corrupt. There should have been an application or program for this but could you please give some details on what i should try or some?
  6. Hey, i have this problem with merging Init files. For example getting a init file from one gametype to another like Domination. I've tried to copy the init file from the one, and paste it at the bottom of the old one so it is getting expanded. But when i then try to play the mission, it says the mission is corrupt and i can't play it and get CTD'ed. Any solutions on how to merge init files?
  7. I've tried to just copy and paste the text from the init and desciption in to the domination map, but when i then go to the editor to open it or something, i get this message that the files are corrupt and i get to the desktop and have to start the game again.. Could you please help me with how to merge these files please? :D
  8. I just have a quick question again :P Is it possible to merge the MCC with a domination map as well? So the MCC can create other missions while the others can at least do something in the mean time instead of waiting for the MCC to get done.
  9. Blah.. Time to begin studying again lol -.- :D
  10. I have a quick question, is there a revive script already put in-in this thing? Because when we die, we like die totally right away, after 10 sec we spawn in our body/where we died...
  11. GREAT! Great great great man, sorry for been gone so long as well, been enjoying and testing MCC :P And FINALLY.. FINALLY THIS FIX COMES OUT! YAY, and my beautiful suggestion about the name... and the GREAT adventures you have with this MCC shit.. I LOVE IT! JUST GREAT!
  12. I know there's possible to turn it off in the user config things for ACE i guess it was. Don't know if there is anywhere else you can do it to make it possible for all clients if your gonna do this on Multiplayer. *Edit: Alright, nice Demonized ;)
  13. Yes, i have this issue as well. Seems theres pretty many issues with this for ArmA2/CO There should been a video showing how to do this. This is going on my nervs and i really wanted to use this with the MCC.
  14. I know there is a script or something that let a specific person/player to call popup targets back up after being shot down. Like if the soldiers shoot the target down, it stays down until the specific soldier/player do an action so they come back up. Anyone know how to do this?