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  1. Hello, Is there any documentation or language reference for scripting in Take On Mars? Something like Bohemia Wiki on scripting: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Topics I find it hard to start to do any modding and wanted to skip some time on finding everything in game files. Thanks for awsome game!
  2. mikkrish

    Scirpting documentation

    I don't need it anymore. I've lernt how scripting is done in Take On Mars. But it would be nice to have some documentation on Syntax and Instructions/Statements.
  3. Hi everybody! Here I will be posting information on my project: ZONA TOOLS. ZONA TOOLS will be an addon for ARMA 3 adding S.T.A.L.K.E.R. inspired modules like anomalies, radiation, biohazard, PDA, NPC interactions (trading, dialogs, missions), AI (NPC and monsters), factions and much more. Later on I plan on adding S.T.A.L.K.E.R. oriented items for gameplay purposes like: Gas masks, outfits, artifacts, etc... Plan is to create S.T.A.L.K.E.R inspired feel and mechanics, with authentic experience and depth all that with help of ARMA 3 near endless modding possibilities and second to none modding community. This project is inspired and motivated by 2 mods: S.T.A.L.K.E.R mod by DAP (unfinished) for ARMA 2 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13589 And NOVA ZONA Island by Meshcarver [WIP] http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?142308-Large-S-T-A-L-K-E-R-inspired-Island ZONA TOOLS will be multiplayer oriented with permanent death (Dayz style) and Persistent World. I will post my progress here also major releases will be added by edit in main post, community feedback is much appreciated! Edit: As english is not my native, to avoid any misunderstanding i will note one thing. This mod is independent as all mods mentioned above. I did mention them as an source of inspiration but I work on this mod alone and have no credits, word or info in creation process of those mentioned mods.
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    Zona tools

  5. mikkrish

    Zona tools

    Well that sounds cool and im interested in your project but I don't know if our visions would match in gameplay. Stalker setting is not quite an 'apocalypse' one as Stalkers are going to the Zone by their own choice for whealth or other means. However if we can be helping eachother in aspects that match in gameplay or technology then it would be a huge boost in development. So to avoid any problems feel free to PM me or post here what vision you guys have so we can check if our thougts match as it would be a shame to loose such an opportunity to work together on something :)
  6. mikkrish

    Zona tools

    I do not add anything from Nova Zona to Zona Tools, as I understand it Nova Zona will be an Island, my plan is to wait for Nova Zona to release and after that I will be doing seperate addon + mission template for Meshcarver Island. I will not modify anything that is in Meshcarver work. I did mention Meshcarver's work as it is only upcoming known island to me that will match my mod, and I openly told my intentions on Marc thread. But yea if there is any 'no no' by copyright that I missed then ofcourse I will wait for permission. I have no ill intentions as Meshcarver is doing splendid work, and for that im grateful. However for the time being Nova Zona is essential in my eyes.
  7. I was thinking about spawning anomalies in characteristic places. For example Electro anomalies near power plants. Lets make this topic clear to the Meshcarver Island, I will create my own Thread soon and tere we will discuss things :)
  8. Thanks! Today I was searching wiki for some effects commands and found particle's. Made some little electro anomaly. Made also vortex anomaly (flyng leaves) and burner anomaly (fire pillar). When i make more content (now doing PDA and NPC chat UI) i will make forum thread, i think soon ;)
  9. Oh, didnt understand the scale of a building. If its like a block, then yea.
  10. Great job Meshcarver! Im huge fan of S.T.A.L.K.E.R universe, made some missions on ARMA 2 stalker mod by DAP and custom scripts. Im tracking this thread everyday as im planning on scripting some gameplay utilities like PDA, Anomalies, Random generated stashes, Interaction GUI (talking with NPC stalker-like), mission generator, Basic NPC AI-behaviour adn more to come. Im totally anti-talent for 3d/2d stuff so I was planning doing all this stuff on ARMA 2 islands, but You motivated me to do it on A3 as I plan to use modular gun customization that A3 uses. If not a problem I will post here some info on my progress, as my project is strictly related to Yours and will take huge amount of time. Love Your work, and it motivates me too! Edit: As for geometry for buildings, it all depends on scale and time that You want to dedicate yourself. For me i like it full enterable, i think most of players is of simmilar opinion. Dont know if its in A3 too but poly's that are not visible are not rendered so they dont stress gpu as much when player is out of building. Most engines have that, dont know if ARMA does, but dont depend on that info as im only a code guy.
  11. Its more up for mission maker to make this.
  12. Hi, It dosnt work on MP for me. Got all KaBoom effects and fallot. But no damage at all to nothing. I got it configured all right. Becouse on SP it works. My server is on linux, i rent a dedic.
  13. DAP, will there be any update on your work progress? And can you tell if you need help in any aspects?
  14. Will there be a PDA featuring comunication by text massages with players and showing list of players on server? It could have map/gps feature too. Or if not possible just other things that PDA could do, just for climax. I could help with scripting a little, but im not good with GUI. Im a fan of this module and waiting for every feature! Thanks for the good work!