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  1. Looking forward to this! 8) In case you need some additional german voice actor anytime, drop me PM. :) And please don´t head to A3 too soon.
  2. Thanks for keeping up with A2! 8) It´s quite an essential and I use it with i44 and other WW2 related mods only.
  3. rknharry

    Situation update?

    The condemned live longer...
  4. ARMA2 / invasion44 /TPWCAS 4.5 + ASR_AI 1.16.1 I had bits of trouble with units behind windows, or in foxhole positions, when after suppression recovery, they won´t get up to previous stance again. I´m a noob scripter, but I figured I could solve my issues by not letting units go to "auto" mode after recovery and replaced the code part starting at line 74 in tpwcas_mainloop.sqf, with two seperate if-then statements. Original: //RESET UNIT STANCE _stance = _unit getvariable ["tpwcas_stance", -1]; if (_stance in ["middle","down"]) then { _unit setunitpos "auto"; _unit setvariable ["tpwcas_stance", "auto"]; }; Edited: //RESET UNIT STANCE _stance = _unit getvariable ["tpwcas_stance", -1]; if (_stance in ["down"]) then { _unit setunitpos "middle"; _unit setvariable ["tpwcas_stance", "middle"]; }; if (_stance in ["middle"]) then { _unit setunitpos "up"; _unit setvariable ["tpwcas_stance", "up"]; }; Other question: Does the 10m bullet detect radius more have a technical necessity? I figured that a 5m radius would be a better, or say, more realistic detection radius, since I find a bullet 10m away, shouldn´t bother a soldier that much as some just 5m away or within. I tested with this setting in tpwcas_bdetect.sqf line 42 and also tweaked tpwcas_st = 5 in tpwcas_init.sqf, to allow quicker suppression with less bullets in closer proximity only. As said, I´m noob scripter, so I might miss some finer points in all of the mod, but liked to share some ideas for user customization.
  5. Looks like the first GI´s found their way into A3A world. 8) Tunisian or sicilian campaign would be obvious choice.
  6. No further download link that I´m aware of, but off course I still have the original files and use them a lot. Much of the lost content from the IF Wiki (class lists ect.) and more, can be easily retrieved with Vandrels tool. Can send you the original ZIP, just drop me a PM.
  7. rknharry

    ASR AI Skills

    Does that mean that ASR_AI ARMA2 is done now? :( I´m exclusively using it for invasion44 and it does a really great job! Would have wished for further expansion, i.e the ability to have soldiers go to prone (or kneel from standing), while reloading magazines. This would help the AI survivability even more. :)
  8. Thanks! Another tool we shouldn´t forget about, is Vandrels IF Debug console! (bisim_debug.Panovo.zip) Here´s the Readme: //Iron Front Debug Console by Vandrel //Version 1.0 This debugger was created by Vandrel @ BISim This tool is available for public use in mission editing and design only. Under no circumstances should this be used as a means to cheat during multiplayer sessions. How to use this tool standalone: 1) Place the bisim_debug.Panovo into your profile missions folder. - Typically located in = C:\Users\WindowsUser\Documents\Iron Front Other Profiles\yourProfile\missions 2) Run Iron Front. 3) From the main menu hit (Left Control + E) on the keyboard. 4) Select Panovo terrain. 5) From the mission editor simply go to load and open the listed mission ( bisim_debug ) How to use this tool with another mission: 1) Copy the folder named ( Debug ) from the bisim_debug.Panovo mission folder. 2) Paste the folder named ( Debug ) into your desired mission folder. 3) Create a description.ext if you don't have one already. 4) Add the following include function: #include "Debug\RSC\console.hpp" 5) Include the following in the mission somewhere, this will open the console: createDialog("displayDB_Console"); - Alternately you can simply add the following to your init.sqf: player addAction ["Iron Front Debug Console","Debug\SCT\debug1.sqf"]; Questions or comments, please PM me on the IF forums or post on the thread. User: Vandrel Debug Console thread: http://forum.iron-front.com/showthread.php?558-Iron-Front-Debug-Console
  9. rknharry

    Situation update?

    Well I know, that I know nothing. I do not waste time judging about unknown internals going on within 4 groups (AWAR/X1/BI/DS) involved. Could be anything. So far it´s just "clear", that he official forum vanished. In the meantime I´m busy experimenting with ASR_AI, as well as TPWCAS in i44, to get some issues solved, that also bugged me in IFL44. Thanks Gunther Severloh for assembling COWARMod pointing me to these excellent additions btw. 8)
  10. rknharry

    Situation update?

    Thanks for informing. I hope too. :) Whatever happened at AWAR/X1, they should know they can still count on a number of fans, that do not waste themselves on senseless speculations and whining.
  11. rknharry

    Situation update?

    Yep, but people involved in bizness relations are usually bound to treaties and the so called "non disclosure agreements". Even if they want to tell us what´s going on, they simply can´t, as otherwise they´d get into serious trouble and you could safely say good bye to AWAR then.
  12. rknharry

    Situation update?

    Although I hate speculating, it somehow dawns to me, that AWAR likely fell vitcim to sort of ARMA 2 sell out policy and now is clamped between the bizness monkeys. It´s obvious, that it´s not AWAR alone to decide on anything and that there´s also BI, DS and X1 involved. I´d say IFL44 comes 1-2 years too late and maybe it would´ve been better to go the invasion44 way of modding, instead of meddling with the hawks. :P I´d purchased ARMA, ARMA2, followed by ARMA X exclusively, in order to keep going smoothly with Invasion44 further development, so it mainly benefits BI comercially wise. Iron Front was a good gesture to feed something back to the WW2 community, but it looks like a rather half @rsed affair now and AWAR gets all the trashing for it. But as said, I´m just speculating and I hate it. ;)
  13. Just cause the IFL44 forum is down for few days, it does not mean anything. No reason to loose belief in what AWAR/X1 achieved so far and whatever goes on behind the curtains, we´ll surely get to know anytime soon.
  14. Thanks, I remember. Do you know if this micro path finding is related to the map terrain grid? So is it more easy to navigate to small places on a resolution 5 (or smaller) map, than a standard 10? Now that I write, I could actually test on the bulge map, which has that small grid.... Edit: I remember the AI has big problems with uneven and steep slopes within that terrain mesh made trenches, so having a flat and even base would obviously be another prerequisite for finding a viable path. But even with the well made IFL44 trenches, problems are the same (for AI). Maybe it´s size of collison meshes to fit together, ..can´t tell. I understand, that the trench and related objects need to be of a minimum size for any movements (within), so slit trenches and foxholes are generally out of question. The minimum size, needs to allow a soldier to have space for proper crouching stance, as otherwise there will be object intersection, which causes the AI to shoot and get shot at through the object mesh. That´s at least from my observations.
  15. Maybe using and customizing RUGDSAI german, would do the trick. malexxger just gives you the known radio voice, which is used for all germans alike. Personally I do like the voice sentences from RUGDSAI german not that much, since they´re more of that funny Hollywood style, but looks like customization is not that difficult and also described by the addon maker. ---------- Post added at 09:48 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:26 AM ---------- While beeing at voice topic, ...what actually causes an AI unit in i44 to lower voice pitch by half, when it can´t path find to a certain place, when ordered to?